Case Study: Marque Hosting

I have been using FraudLabs Pro for a good 6+ months now, and FraudLabs Pro is a very advanced fraud detection system for the Hosting Industry, I highly vouch and rate them including the staff at FraudLabs Pro who are highly trained in fraud detection and they can assist you out, in a highly skilled manner. Thank you very much FraudLabs Pro for serving and protecting me and my business.

Marque Hosting is a privately owned web hosting company dedicated to providing reliable, affordable and quality Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, services to customers all over the world. Marque Hosting mission has been to provide superior service, fast and friendly support and affordable hosting solutions to individuals and businesses alike.

Hosting industry has always been a challenging industry for mitigating credit card frauds due to the nature of the business which doesn’t involve physical product shipment. It is impractical to validate shipping address against a freight forwarding address or a fake address in the digital industry worldwide. A comprehensive tool is essential to help merchants to unveil all important fraud traits pertaining to an order, which cannot be easily identified through the manual review. Fraud validation is where FraudLabs Pro contributes to Marque Hosting bottom line.

Marque Hosting has been using FraudLabs Pro for their hosting business running on the WHMCS billing platform for more than 6 months. The module installation is easy and the fraud protection is up and running within minutes. Before the use of FraudLabs Pro, Marque Hosting encountered many cases of scammers and fraudsters trying to victimize them. Significant time and efforts were spent trying to figure out which orders were legitimate and which ones were not. This manual verification process is very tedious as you could well imagine. After the implementation of FraudLabs Pro, the time spent for reviews is now greatly reduced. For the number of fraud cases that have been protected by FraudLabs Pro, although Marque Hosting is unable to produce an exact figure, a rough estimation suggests that 4 out of 5 cases flagged by FraudLabs Pro turned out to be fraud cases while the remaining case is a legitimate customer with high risk fraud patterns.

In summary, Marque Hosting has benefited greatly from the implementation of FraudLabs Pro. The combination of advanced fraud detection features coupled with the excellent support given by the FraudLabs Pro customer success team makes Marque Hosting very happy that they have more time to dedicate to growing their business and keeping their bottom line healthy.

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