FAQs - Merchant Control Panel - Rules Management

A validation rule enables you to flag an order/transaction for Review, Reject or Approve based on your predefined criteria. For example, you can create a validation rule to put an order on hold for review if the fraud score exceeds 70 threshold. Please take note that the system will automatically create 5 default validation rules during the initial sign-up. You may visit the Quick Start Guide to learn more about the validation rules created.

FraudLabs Pro screens an order/transaction for fraud traits and returns a fraud score associated with that order. The fraud screening process does not decide the next course of action to be taken. This is why you need the validation rules to instruct the system on the desired action, such as Approve, Reject or Put on Review based on the validation result.

This is also the reason why the 5 validation rules are assigned to your profile during the initial plan sign up.

Go to the Rules Managements page. You can add, edit or remove the validation rules on this page.

The Fraud Score Validation Rule is mandatory, and the other rules are optional. You may read Why you need a Fraud Score validation rule? for details.

Unfortunately, you can't. You can delete the validation rule if you don't need it.

To modify the sequence, simply click on the drag icon (next to the delete icon) for a particular rule and hold down the mouse while you drag that rule either higher or lower in the list. Release the mouse button when you have shifted the rule to the desired location in the list.

Go to the Rules Management page. From there, you can customize various validation rules for manual review. There are more than 50 type of validation rules to date for your selection, and the list is growing.

No. But the system will only process the validation rules in sequence up to the limit allowed in your downgraded plan. For example, if you have configured 10 validation rules and downgraded to free Micro plan whereby it only allows 5 validation rules, the system will process the top 5 validation rules for checking.

There are 3 actions supported by FraudLabs Pro as described below:

  1. Approve
  2. Manual Review
  3. Reject

Below are the list of high risk country defined by FraudLabs Pro:

  • Belarus
  • Colombia
  • Egypt
  • Indonesia
  • Lebanon
  • Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Ukraine
  • Viet Nam

We determine if account setup (username and password combination) is insecure or easy to penetrate under brute force attack. FraudLabs Pro actively research and identify exploited accounts through public domain information. There are currently 10 million records in the database and growing.

Be extra cautious with bulk orders and orders from embargoed countries. Various US merchants have restrictions in place that regulate or ban all trade with certain countries. If you have enabled this rule in your filter list, FraudLabs Pro will check if the shipping address is shippable.

FraudLabs Pro validate a user's IP to determine if it has been exploited by Malware.