2x Fraud Validation Promotion

Fraud Prevention Solution Promotion
FraudLabs Pro Reseller Program

Get 2x fraud validation upgrade for FREE if you subscribed to our Mini, Small, Medium, Large or Enterprise plan!

You are expecting for the surge in sales during this year-end extravaganza events, especially the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So do the crafty fraudsters from all around the world! You want to fend them off by having all your transactions to go through comprehensive fraud validation making sure they are legitimate. You need the fraud check in place round-the-clock without disruption, but you worry if your existing queries are sufficient to survive over this events. Yes, we understand your needs and concerns, hence, we are going to double your fraud validation queries for free for 2 months (November and December 2018) if you are currently subscribed to Mini, Small, Medium, Large or Enterprise plan.

If you are still not yet having any fraud prevention solution installed, you may want to act now by subscribing our fraud solution! Nowadays, Fraud prevention solution is no longer an optional feature, but crucial to all online businesses.

If you are using a free Micro plan, upgrade now to a higher plan to enjoy the above free validation queries upgrade.

Terms and Conditions
  1. This "2x Fraud Validation" Promotion ('Promotion') gives you a free 2x queries upgrade automatically for eligible plan that renewed/purchased in November 2018 and December 2018 only.
  2. The eligible plan includes Mini, Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise plan. Free Micro plan is not eligible for this Promotion.
  3. Once the Promotion ended, the standard queries limit will be applied for the renewal.
  4. If the 2x upgraded queries had all been consumed before the next renewal, the usual auto-recharge will be triggered to replenish your plan. In this case, the standard queries limit will be applied rather than 2x upgraded queries.
  5. FraudLabsPro.com reserves the right to change or alter the terms and conditions as stated herein at any time by placing such amended terms and conditions on the website.
  6. FraudLabsPro.com reserves the right to suspend, discontinue, or cancel the Promotion for whatever reason whereby in such event, you shall not make any claim against FraudLabsPro.com and FraudLabsPro.com shall not be liable to you for whatsoever losses or damages that have incurred by or may be suffered by you.