FAQs - General

The FraudLabs Pro service screens credit card transactions for online frauds. It increases e-commerce merchant profits by reducing chargebacks, improving operational efficiency and providing business intelligence. Merchants can investigate all complex, high-risk orders in a simple manner by using the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.

FraudLabs Pro is suitable to be used in any size of business including micro business, small business, medium business, large business and even enterprise. If you are accepting credit card orders online and face the risk of chargeback then our solution can help to mitigate that risk.

Yes. No hidden costs and no credit card information needed. You can enjoy 500 free credits per month absolutely free! Sign up now.

Yes. You can sign up our free Micro Plan for evaluation with free 500 monthly credits.

Yes. You can upgrade the plan easily at your convenience on the License page in the Merchant Control Panel. There will be no changes to your existing profile configuration, rules and API License keys after the upgrade.

Yes, you can subscribe multiple commercial plans (paid plans) under the same account. A new profile will be created for each plan signed up. However, we only allow one free Micro plan sign up per user account.

We only accept online credit card payment, such as VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS, via our website.

No. FraudLabs Pro only offers monthly subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any time by sending us an email at support@fraudlabspro.com before the next month's subscription begins

The monthly subscription takes effectively from the date of the subscription for a period of one month. For example, subscription on January 3, 2013 will be expired at February 2, 2013.

Yes, you can upgrade the plan any times at your convenience. All you need to do is to pay the full amount for the plan you are upgrading to. The new subscription period will be adjusted based on the upgrade date, with the remaining credits of your previous plan added into the upgraded plan.

There is no immediate downgrade or refund. However, you can configure in the License page of the Merchant Control Panel to downgrade the plan to take effect starting with the next renewal cycle.

The plan will be automatically renewed when it expires. It is the system default setting and you are unable to disable it. However, you may cancel the plan at any time by sending us an email at support@fraudlabspro.com.

We will retry the payment process for 3 times, one retry per day. However, the validation service will be stopped from functioning if the payment was not successful after 3 times attempt.

You still can continue using the validation service until the 3 times payment attempt failed, provided you still have available credits for the validation service.

You just need to downgrade the current paid plan to free MICRO plan at your merchant area.

No. We do not refund the unused credits.

Yes, we will notify you via email if the available credits fall below the 10% threshold.

The system will automatically renew the current plan to replenish the credits if the credits ran out before the next renewal.

In general, our solution works with most of the payment gateway. It is because our API only acts as an additional fraud screening layer prior to the payment gateway submission. Below are the tutorials of how to integrate our fraud detection solution with the payment gateway:

You can get you API License key on the Merchant Control Panel->Accounts page. You may have multiple API License key if you signed up for multiple paid plans.

We do not provide chargeback insurance or chargeback protection. FraudLabs Pro prevents chargebacks by leveraging machine learning and big data. We strongly believe that credit card frauds can be avoided effectively with sharing of responsibility among e-commerce merchants, payment gateways and fraud screening service providers.

FraudLabs Pro will keep the transaction data for up to 2 years for your retrieval or fraud analysis.