CS-Cart Fraud Prevention Module


This module helps you to screen the order transaction for online fraud in CS-Cart. It screens every order transaction and provides you the fraud validation result on the order details page.

This module requires a valid FraudLabs Pro license key to function. Please sign up for a free Micro Plan if you do not have one.
For CS-Cart version 4.2.1 or later Download
  1. Unzip the add-on downloaded from the CS-Cart MarketPlace.
  2. Upload the unzipped folder, app/addons/fraudlabs-pro, to the CS-Cart installed directory at /app/addons/.
  3. Upload the unzipped folder, design/backend/templates/addons/fraudlabs-pro, to the CS-Cart installed directory at /design/backend/templates/addons/.
  4. Login to the CS-Cart admin area.
  5. Click on the Add-Ons->Manage Add-Ons menu.
  6. Locate the FraudLabs Pro add on and click the Install button. Install CSCart Module
  7. Done.
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