How to flag an order by Shopify Tags

FraudLabs Pro has introduced a new validation rule specifically for Shopify. This allows merchants to customize the validation logic based on the “Shopify Tag”. Below is a screenshot of the validation rule. In the above example, FraudLabs Pro will automatically approve the order if the order was tagged with “safe”, […]

Advanced Analytics Reports

FraudLabs Pro offers a complimentary Summary Report that provides a basic overview of transaction statistics. For a more comprehensive understanding of fraud information, you have the option to upgrade to a paid plan, which grants access to advanced analytics reports. These advanced analytics reports offer greater insights and analysis. Below […]

Credit Card BIN Information

If you need Credit Card BIN information, including details such as card brand, card type, card issuing bank, and card issuing country, you can access this valuable information through the order/screen REST API. However, please note that this information is only available for the Medium plan and higher. For more […]

What is Validation Exclusion?

The “Validation Exclusion” feature allows merchants to bypass the validation check during order fraud screening. This option is useful when the standard validation logic does not apply to specific business cultures or scenarios. For instance, certain businesses may consider it acceptable or normal to use a P.O. Box for parcel […]

Unlocking the Secrets of Email Addresses: What Merchants Can Learn and How They Deal With Them

Introduction In today’s digital age, an email address can provide valuable insights for merchants. By analyzing the characteristics of an email address, merchants can gather information about their customers and tailor their strategies accordingly. From distinguishing between free and company emails, dealing with disposable and blacklisted email addresses, merchants can […]

How to Block Certain Countries in WooCommerce

Introduction When running an ecommerce site, it is crucial to consider the need for blocking access from certain countries for payment fraud prevention. While it may seem counterintuitive to limit potential customers, there are several valid reasons to implement country-based restrictions. Firstly, it ensures legal and regulatory compliance by avoiding […]