What is Disposable Phone Number?

Disposable phone number is an online temporary virtual phone number allowing users to receive SMS messages. This virtual phone number is shared among all users, and usually, it is used by many to receive the account verification OTP for their temporary access. It’s a fake identity, and it will damage […]

How to install FraudLabs Pro Module on WHMCS 7

Download the FraudLabs Pro package. Unzip the downloaded package. Copy includes/hooks/fraudlabs_pro.php (the downloaded package) into /includes/hooks/ folder (where your WHMCS installed). Copy modules/fraud/fraudlabs_pro folder (the downloaded package) into /modules/fraud/ folder (where your WHMCS installed). On WHMCS admin page, click on the Setup->Fraud Protection menu. Select Fraudlabs Pro from the dropdown […]

How to implement shipping address velocity check

FraudLabs Pro supports 2 types of shipping address velocity check, namely “Total transaction by shipping address within the last 24 hours” and “Total transaction by shipping address within the last 7 days”. These rules enable you to place the orders into review if too many orders happened to be delivered […]

How to block multiple credit card attempt

Carding attempt, or carding attack, is one of the common tactics used by fraudsters trying to discover the validity of a list of stolen cards. The perpetrators achieve their objectives by performing multiple order submissions, usually in a short time of period, to gather as many card information returned by […]

How to add sub account for merchant area

  You can add multiple sub accounts, granting them with different access privileges to the features in the merchant area. The number of sub accounts entitled to your account will be depending on the subscribed fraud prevention plan. Below is the table describing the number of the sub account allowed […]

What is Merchant Network in FraudLabs Pro?

    Merchant Network is a community group introduced by FraudLabs Pro with one clear objective – to combat fraud successfully. We believe that fraud fighting is a collaborative effort, and the success rate is determined by how much information you’ve gathered, and at what speed this valuable information is […]