How to block multiple credit card attempt

Carding attempt, or carding attack, is one of the common tactics used by fraudsters trying to discover the validity of a list of stolen cards. The perpetrators achieve their objectives by performing multiple order submissions, usually in a short time of period, to gather as many card information returned by […]

How to add sub account for merchant area

  You can add multiple sub accounts, granting them with different access privileges to the features in the merchant area. The number of sub accounts entitled to your account will be depending on the subscribed fraud prevention plan. Below is the table describing the number of the sub account allowed […]

What is Merchant Network in FraudLabs Pro?

Merchant Network is a community group introduced by FraudLabs Pro with one clear objective – to combat fraud successfully. We believe that fraud fighting is a collaborative effort, and the success rate is determined by how much information you’ve gathered, and at what speed this valuable information is being processed […]

How the Coronavirus Impacts the Online Businesses

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus across the globe has changed the lifestyles of individuals and businesses in many different ways. Amid the COVID-19, many countries have imposed stay-at-home orders, school closures, non-essential businesses shutdown, social distancing, face covering when out in public and other measures as needed, with only […]

Why You Need a Fraud Prevention Solution?

Fraud prevention solution is no longer an optional tool, but a crucial implementation to protect your online business from malicious fraudsters. With the advancement in technology, there are lots of tools and methods available on the web that fraudsters can easily access for fraud perpetration. Hence, manually reviewing every order […]

What is FraudLabs Pro Action?

FraudLabs Pro Action is the one in FraudLabs Pro Validation Rule that defines the action to be taken based on the validation outcome. Each validation rule will have its own associated action. And, altogether FraudLabs Pro supports 3 types of action, namely APPROVE, REVIEW and REJECT. Below is the example […]

How To Set Up Fraud Protection In BigCommerce

This article will guide you on how to set up fraud protection services for your online store in BigCommerce. Steps to set up fraud protection Login to your BigCommerce admin area. Navigate to the side menu, click the Apps link. Enter fraudlabspro in the Search apps text box and click search.  […]