Fraud prevention solution

FraudLabs Pro is a sophisticated payment fraud detection solution to protect merchant from fraud losses and chargebacks.

Key Features

Explore key features of FraudLabs Pro and reduce fraud losses with FraudLabs Pro now.

FraudLabs Pro Score

FraudLabs Pro Score

Custom Validation Rules

Custom Validation Rules

Free Queries

Free 500 Queries Per Month

Free SMS Verification

Free 10 SMS Verification

FraudLabs Pro Merchant Network

FraudLabs Pro Merchant Network

Email Notification

Email Notification of Fraud Orders

Mobile App Notification

Mobile App Notification of Fraud Orders

Type of Fraud Validation

FraudLabs Pro runs a thorough validations on an order transaction to effectively detect a malicious fraud. Below are some of the key types of fraud validations performed.

  • IP address validation using IP2Location
  • Anonymous proxy validation using IP2Proxy
  • Billing & shipping address validation
  • Ship/Freight forwarder address validation
  • User account validation
  • Email address validation using MailBoxValidator
  • Disposable phone number validation
  • Free and disposable email validation
  • Credit card validation
  • Transaction validation
  • Device validation
  • Blacklist validation
validation types
blacklist based algorithm

Blacklist-Based Algorithm

FraudLabs Pro has a large pool of blacklists data like IP address, email address, credit cards, and devices is crowd-sourced from our huge Merchants Network in real-time, and these high-quality blacklists data is proven to catch fraud occurrence effectively.
Below are the malicious information reported by our globally linked merchants.

Last updated: 08 June, 2023


Credit Card Reported


Email Address Reported


IP Address Reported


Device Reported

Machine Learning

FraudLabs Pro learns the fraud pattern based on each or your approve, reject and blacklist action. This real-time crucial information enables FraudLabs Pro to learn new fraud pattern using the machine learning approach, and therefore further improve the fraud prediction and detection.

machine learning

How FraudLabs Pro Works

FraudLabs Pro analytic engine analyzes transactions parameters and reports fraud analysis in a fraction of second. Merchants can immediately decide next action based on fraud distribution score or custom rules by conditions. Further analysis of transactions is also available instantly in the merchant area.

how fraudlabs pro works

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