How to extract domain name from email address

This tutorial shows you on how to extract the domain name from an email address by using PHP, Java, VB .NET, C# and Python programming language. The below sample code is useful when you need to extract the domain name to be supplied into FraudLabs Pro REST API (for email_domain […]

How to check the vQmod version installed in OpenCart

You can easily install the vQmod module into OpenCart to implement some features that couldn’t be done using standard plugin. However, you are not able to find the vQmod version installed on the OpenCart admin area. You need to follow the below steps to find out the version installed. Go […]

How to install vQmod for OpenCart

vQmod (Virtual File Modification System) enable user to override the PHP modification on-the-fly without actually changing the source files. This will be very useful especially if you would like to extend a feature that can’t be done using the plugin method. This tutorial provide you step by step on how […]

How to test the FraudLabs Pro rules

Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel. Click on the Rules menu. Click on the Add Rule button. Suppose you want to manual review the orders that the billing country was not the same as shipping country. You can enter the values as below: Rule: Billing Country Not Equal […]

How to manually test an order for fraud

Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel. Click on the New Transaction menu. Enter the order details, e.g. IP address, customer information, shipping information, billing information and so on. Click on the Create button. Click on the Transaction Search menu and search for the order that you have just […]