Fraud Detection Walkthrough

This walkthrough will demonstrate common scenarios & the flow of using the FraudLabs Pro Fraud Detection Solution.

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Managing rules and configuration after installation

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Placing a test order for simulation

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Understanding FraudLabs Pro artificial intelligence screening process

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Handling fraud risk details with 'Approve' or 'Reject' decision


Rules Configuration

Validation rules define the action, such as Approve, Review or Reject.

For example, you can have a validation rules to reject an order if the fraud score exceed 90. You can create as many validation rules depending on your plan limitation, but at the minimum you need to have at least one fraud score rule.

FraudLabs Pro Rules

Manage Rule


Order Simulation

This section demonstrates the online purchase process flow on a common e-commerce platform, and how our FraudLabs Pro validation process fit in.

Your Online Store




This orange handbag is created by Chris & Louis with a measurement of 17 x 6 x 14 cm. It is crafted by using Glovetanned Leather. This modern design is a special limited edition.




The checkout has been completed successfully!

Your order will be sent for FraudLabs Pro Fraud Validation Screening.

order ready

FraudLabs Pro Fraud Validation

FraudLabs Pro validation engine comprises 3 key sections, namely the elements validation, blacklist validation and machine learning.

The engine will perform a comprehensive check on every element available in an order, together with the use of blacklist data contributed by our global merchant network and machine learning technology, to gauge the fraud risk associated with the order.

comprehensive element validation

Comprehensive Element Validations

  • IP address validation
  • Anonymous proxy validation
  • Billing & shipping address validation
  • User account validation
  • Email address validation
  • Credit card validation
  • Transaction validation
  • Device validation

Blacklist-Based Algorithm

FraudLabs Pro has a large pool of fraud data contributed by our Global Merchant Network in real-time, and this valuable information will be used to help other merchants to detect fraud orders.

blacklist-based algorithm
machine learning

Machine Learning

FraudLabs Pro learns the fraud pattern based on each or your approve, reject and blacklist action. This real-time crucial information enables FraudLabs Pro to learn new fraud pattern using the machine learning approach, and therefore further improve the fraud prediction and detection.

You will receive a fraud score and status after the fraud validation process.


Order Authorization

You should decide to approve or reject an order if it is flagged for review.

You can login to the merchant dashboard to view the fraud result and the relevant details to help you with the decision making.

Transaction Details

Transaction #10015

Manual Review Triggered By Following Rule:

  • Fraud Score IS GREATER THAN 70

General Information

FraudLabsPro Score:

70 fraudscore70

IP Location to Billing Location:

58.23 miles / 93.71 km

IP Address:

Validation Information

High Risk Country:


Billing Country Matches IP Country:


IP Address In Blacklist: