How to blacklist a phone number

You can blacklist any phone number from buying from your e-commerce site. FraudLabs Pro allowing you to blacklist a phone number as either private or public visibility. For private visibility, the blacklist data will only be used for your own fraud validation, whereby at public visibility, this piece of information […]

How to whitelist a client

FraudLabs Pro allows you to whitelist a client by using their email addresses. If a client was whitelisted, FraudLabs Pro will automatically approve the order transaction. In other words, the whitelisted client take the highest priority in the rules validation check process. However, please take note that the system will […]

How to exclude shipping address from fraud validation

If you are selling digital products online and do not require a physical shipping address from your buyer for shipping purposes, you might wonder if the shipping address is necessary for the fraud validation. It’s not. Under normal circumstances, the e-commerce platform will not pass the shipping information to FraudLabs […]

Will FraudLabs Pro screens Shopify POS order?

No, FraudLabs Pro will not screen the sales order coming from Shopify POS. It is because FraudLabs Pro specializes in validating the CNP (Card Not Present) transactions, i.e. online payment, whereby the credit card was not presented physically to the merchant while making the purchase. For Shopify POS, the buyers […]

How to verify buyer name against recipient name

FraudLabs Pro enables you to set up a validation rule to verify the buyer’s name against the recipient’s name. This checking is useful especially if you encountered an increasing number of fraud cases of buyers who shipped the item to a different recipient, who may or may not be staying […]