New Report: Anonymous Proxy Report

A new report, called the Anonymous Proxy report, has been added to the merchant area. This report allows merchants to gain insights into the anonymous proxies detected in order transactions to help them in fraud prevention. The report provides the following information: The advantages of the Anonymous Proxy Report are: […]

How to block Prepaid Card in FraudLabs Pro

A prepaid card, also known as a prepaid payment card, is a financial tool that allows cardholders to load a specific amount of money onto the card before using it for purchases or transactions. The card operates similarly to a debit or credit card, enabling users to spend up to […]

How does an IP address contribute to fraud detection?

Fraud has become an increasingly prevalent concern in today’s digital landscape. As technology advances, so do the methods employed by fraudsters. To combat this, businesses and organizations have turned to various techniques, one of which is the use of IP addresses for fraud detection. What is an IP Address? Before […]

Beware of Disposable Phone Numbers

So, what are disposable phone numbers? These are virtual phone numbers that are not permanently assigned to a specific individual or device. Anyone can purchase a temporary number from a service provider online. It is not tied to a physical SIM card or phone line contract. Users of these phone […]

Payment gateway worldwide

Ever bought anything from a website? Wondered how the website actually accepts payment? All the payment related functionality in a website is thanks to the payment gateway. Payment gateway is a merchant service that authorizes credit card or other forms of payments on behalf of the merchant. This 3rd party […]