Payment gateway worldwide

Ever bought anything from a website? Wondered how the website actually accepts payment? All the payment related functionality in a website is thanks to the payment gateway. Payment gateway is a merchant service that authorizes credit card or other forms of payments on behalf of the merchant. This 3rd party […]

How to approve Bitcoin payment type?

The power of the FraudLabs Pro fraud screening service is due to the use of multiple components that are working in concert for highly effective fraud detection. One of these components is the custom rule feature that merchants on the FraudLabs Pro service can use to determine how to flag […]

mCommerce fraud:What is mCommerce and fraud protection

mCommerce is a channel that is growing rapidly for consumers to buy and sell products. mCommerce fraud a.k.a. mobile commerce fraud is becoming a serious problem for online merchants. People spend more time on the move these days; whether for work or leisure or just plain commuting. Hence, mCommerce is […]

What is card testing fraud?

Card testing fraud (a.k.a. carding attempt) is a very serious and widespread problem for online stores. Fraudsters buy large quantities of stolen credit card info. Then, they make purchase attempts for low-priced items on various online stores using those cards. Their goal is to check if the card is active […]

Marketplace frauds: How it happens

During the pandemic, more and more people turned to online marketplaces to buy things. Not only was this safer for the customers, but they also have access to a wider variety of goods. All of which helped online marketplaces to experience huge jumps in their sales. Unfortunately, as sales increased, […]

Stop fraud using device validation

FraudLabs Pro assigns a unique identifier (device ID) to each machine that is used to visit an e-commerce site. These machine specific identifiers are stored in the browser cookies. Devices here refer to computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. FraudLabs Pro leverages this device ID to track purchases for fraud […]

Fraud Protection for SME

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often run by a small team and operate on a thin margin. As a result, they have limited budget for extras like fraud protection for their online stores. However, they still need to ensure that they are protecting themselves from fraud. FraudLabs Pro has […]

E-commerce fraud prevention

E-commerce fraud refers to credit card payment fraud on online stores. Online merchants suffer fraudsters who make purchases using stolen credit cards. This results in a lot of chargebacks to the merchants. Fraud prevention is very much a necessity for any online merchants as e-commerce fraud is a growing problem. […]

E-commerce Fraud and Merchant Network

The pandemic has encouraged more people to transition from shopping at physical stores to purchasing things on e-commerce websites. With such a huge explosion of buyers at online stores, payment frauds have also increased dramatically. Merchants earn more but are exposed to a higher risk of e-commerce fraud. Online merchants […]

How to reduce chargebacks

Chargebacks are payment reversals, similar to refunds, that happens whenever the card holder sees a transaction in his credit card bills and disputes that. Financial penalties are involved for the merchants whenever there are chargebacks. To reduce chargebacks, merchants should pay close attention to this article and read more. Normally, […]