How to verify buyer name against recipient name?

FraudLabs Pro enables you to set up a validation rule to verify the buyer’s name against the recipient’s name. This checking is useful especially if you encountered an increasing number of fraud cases of buyers who shipped the item to a different recipient, who may or may not be staying […]

How to implement device velocity check?

Device is a type of electronic hardware that clients used to access to your website or making a purchase. The device could be a desktop, laptop, hand-phone, tablet and so on. This electronic device can be uniquely identified using the FraudLabs Pro Agent Javascript technology (a.k.a. device fingerprinting).  Why is […]

How to approve or reject an order on Shopify?

There are 2 ways to approve or reject a Shopify order, either via the merchant area or on your Shopify admin page. Below are the steps for the mentioned 2 methods: Approve or reject on merchant area Login to the merchant area at Open the Transactions page and view […]

How to test FraudLabs Pro plugin on WooCommerce?

After you have successfully installed and activated the FraudLabs Pro plugin for WooCommerce, you may want to test if your installation was successful. (Note: You may visit “How to install FraudLabs Pro on WooCommerce?” article if you need help on the plugin installation). In the below section, we will show […]

What is New Domain Name?

FraudLabs Pro will screen the email domain of a transaction to determine if this email was coming for a new domain or not. To explain further, if was the email address supplied, then was the email domain that will be used for the domain checking. How’s FraudLabs Pro […]