What are AVS and CVV2?

What is AVS? The Address Verification System (AVS) is a service by payment gateway providers to check that the billing address in an order matches the one on file for the credit card. It is not supported by all credit card providers. Mainly the United States, Canada and the United […]

What is Card-Not-Present payment?

Intro Whenever someone make a purchase on an e-commerce website, they can opt to pay by credit card. Since they are not physically at the merchant’s location, their credit card cannot be presented for visual inspection. This is known as the Card-Not-Present payment. Issues with Card-Not-Present payments For a merchant, […]

Top 5 fraud prevention strategies for e-commerce

Intro E-commerce is growing all the time. But the Covid-19 virus pandemic has helped to inflate the number of transactions processed by online stores. People are afraid to visit stores in person or their area might be under lockdown. Online shopping is the only avenue left for some folks. With […]

How to use social network in fraud prevention

Intro Everyone who has used a social network before will know that people love sharing stuff online. Based on the information that is publicly available online, you can learn a lot about that person. We can know where they are from, where they worked and info about themselves like birth […]

What is online fraud?

Intro Online fraud happens whenever stolen credit card info is used to make purchases on online stores. Merchants will only realize there has been a fraudulent transaction when they get hit with a chargeback request by the real owner of the credit card.   Why is online fraud so prevalent? […]

What is SMS verification?

Intro Unless you rarely venture online, you would have heard of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In MFA, the user is required to provide 2 types of data to authenticate their identity. This is commonly used during logins to websites as well as during online purchases. The first part of the MFA […]

Warning about other websites with similar names

Warning about other websites with similar names Dear customers, Please be informed that there are other websites out there with similar names to ours. For your information, fraudlabspro.com is the one and only website that we operate for merchant credit card fraud protection. We are not affiliated with websites such […]

How to dispute a chargeback?

Introduction Every online merchant uses a payment gateway to process credit card transactions on their e-commerce store. As convenient as this facility is for a customer to easily make a purchase, there is a downside for the merchant. It exposes the merchant to a higher risk of credit card fraud […]