How to trace the blacklisted record of a transaction

If you happened to notice your order transaction was marked with the blacklisted flag, this could mean that some of the elements had been previously blacklisted, either by you or the Global Merchant Network. The possible blacklisted elements include IP address, email, credit card, device, shipping address and phone number. […]

What is Ship Forwarder?

A Ship Forwarder, also known as Freight Forwarder, is an agent or company who helps to organize the shipment transfer from one location to an end destination. Some would help the client to re-package the shipments, handle storage, inventory management, re-route using different carriers (for instance via land, air or […]

What is Fraud Validation Rule?

In FraudLabs Pro system, fraud score and fraud validation rule are 2 important features to help you identify and stop payment frauds. In general, Fraud Score provides you an estimated fraud risk of an order (the higher the fraud score, the higher the fraud risk), whereby Fraud Validation Rule defines the action. […]

How to review order by credit card type

FraudLabs Pro enable you to flag the order for review by using the credit card type, for example the Credit Card or Debit Card. In order to use this validation rule, the Credit BIN Number must be supplied into the REST API for the system to find out the associated […]