How to reduce chargebacks

Chargebacks are payment reversals, similar to refunds, that happens whenever the card holder sees a transaction in his credit card bills and disputes that. Financial penalties are involved for the merchants whenever there are chargebacks. To reduce chargebacks, merchants should pay close attention to this article and read more. Normally, […]

What is a device?

In FraudLabs Pro, a device refers to the hardware that a buyer used to visit an e-commerce site. It would mean a laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet and so on. And, each device will be assigned with a unique identifier using HTTP cookies for device validation tracking.

How to prevent Buy Now, Pay Later frauds

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) can be considered the modern incarnation of the old installment plans that some brick-and-mortar stores give their customers. BNPL is often available on major e-commerce websites. Upon checkout, customers just have to select the BNPL option and their repayment schedule. There is usually no upfront […]

Useful tips for merchants to handle chargebacks

Accepting credit card payments for an online store is pretty much expected these days. For the online merchant, getting hit with credit card disputes (a.k.a. chargebacks) is also inevitable. There are things that a merchant can do to mitigate the losses from chargebacks. Merchants can fight chargebacks with evidence While […]

Data breaches breed more online payment frauds

Used to be that data breaches only happen once every few years. Sadly, that is no longer the case. We keep hearing about breaches on a fairly regular basis these days. The amount of data stolen in breaches are gold to online scammers. This is especially true if the data […]

Why fraudsters create fake accounts?

Fraudsters are everywhere on the Internet. If you run a website that allows users to create an account in order to access goods or services then you will definitely encounter your fair share of them. For the purpose of this article, we’ll cover 2 types of such fraudsters. Credit card […]

How to use FraudLabs Pro as reference only

While it’s totally safe to let FraudLabs Pro automatically reject or mark an online order for review, some folks may prefer to do this step for themselves. Perhaps they are still testing the fraud detection feature and don’t wish to impact live sales orders. So today we’ll show you how […]