Fixes for FraudLabs Pro Report in OpenCart 4

If you were using the OpenCart version 4 and above, you may experience difficulties like the absence of the FraudLabs Pro report tab and improper display of the report in the order details page. These issues stem from significant changes in OpenCart’s underlying architecture, introduced from version 4 onwards. It […]

What is Sync WooCommerce Completed/Cancelled Status in FraudLabs Pro for WooCommerce plugin

The “Sync WooCommerce Completed/Cancelled Status” option in the FraudLabs Pro plugin allows merchants to automatically synchronize the order’s status with the corresponding transaction status in the FraudLabs Pro system. For example, when the WooCommerce order status changes to “Completed”, the corresponding transaction in FraudLabs Pro system will be updated to […]

How to validate the item type

E-commerce merchants often sell many different products and services.  Each product or service can be grouped into a specific item type. Item types are clarified as the contents or the information that is stored about an item, a product or a good. In FraudLabs Pro, the item types have been […]

How to prevent Coupon Fraud in FraudLabs Pro

Coupons is one of the e-commerce promotions that are effectively used by the merchants to acquire new customers and maintain the business with the existing loyal customers. Success can be guaranteed if the promotions are widely referred and promoted. However, there is also a fraud risk if the coupon codes […]

How to enable device validation in WooCommerce

Device validation is a proven method to identify a user uniquely. It is because this validation helps merchants to unveil one of the common fraud patterns used by fraudsters to disguise themselves as legitimate unique buyers. For instance, the fraudster could use different emails and IP addresses to make multiple […]

Blank Input Checking in Validation Rule

We have received many requests from merchants for the ability to flag buyers with empty information. For example, no name, no phone number or no city information provided. We believe this could also be an important rule checking feature for many industries, and now, you can do the Blank Input […]

How to test FraudLabs Pro integration on WISECP

After you have successfully installed and activated the FraudLabs Pro integration for WISECP, you may want to test if your installation was successful and that the fraud validation works as expected. In the below section, we will show you how you can perform the testing. Please note that the “Reject […]