Blank Input Checking in Validation Rule

We have received many requests from merchants for the ability to flag buyers with empty information. For example, no name, no phone number or no city information provided. We believe this could also be an important rule checking feature for many industries, and now, you can do the Blank Input […]

How to test FraudLabs Pro integration on WISECP

After you have successfully installed and activated the FraudLabs Pro integration for WISECP, you may want to test if your installation was successful and that the fraud validation works as expected. In the below section, we will show you how you can perform the testing. Please note that the “Reject […]

How to put a high risk order on hold in nopCommerce

Most of the major payment gateways like Authorize.Net, Stripe provide an option to either Authorize or Capture the payment. It allows you to decide whether to capture the funds immediately or authorize the payment to be captured later. If you have chosen the Capture option on nopCommerce to process your […]