How to test FraudLabs Pro integration in FoxyCart

After you have successfully installed the FraudLabs Pro integration in FoxyCart, you may want to test if the fraud detection is working without problems. You can refer to the Installation section of our FoxyCart Fraud Prevention Module to get details about the installation instructions page if you need a hand […]

How to enable notification using Zapier in OpenCart

FraudLabs Pro has recently updated the FraudLabs Pro Zapier app with a instant trigger. You may instantly connect FraudLabs Pro with other Zapier apps to automate your work easily in Zapier. For example, you can trigger notification like email sending by using the Zapier services provided. After you have enabled […]

How to place a customer into watch for monitoring

FraudLabs Pro allows you to place a buyer, based on the email address, into Watchlist for close monitoring. With this new feature in place, you can now approve a first time buyer conditionally by putting this buyer into a Watchlist for subsequent purchase monitoring. If you happened to notice any […]