Email Validity Check – Verify if an email address is valid

FraudLabs Pro email validation feature helps merchant to validate their customer’s email address. This feature is important because it ensure that the customer is using a legitimate email address when making a purchase. This feature is absolutely FREE and is available for Mini plan onwards.

The email validation feature is powered by

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How to validate customer’s email address?

  1. Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Transaction menu.
  3. In the Transaction Listing, select the order that you want to review, then click View Details.

    Select transaction for email validity check

  4. Click at the Question Mark next to the email address shown.

    Click to validate email address

  5. The result shall be returned within a few seconds.
  6. Green tick shows that it is a good email whereas the red cross means it is invalid.

    A valid email address

    An invalid email address


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