What is email domain age validation?

Email domain age can be used to check for fraud. If you enable the email domain age validation rule, FraudLabs Pro will automatically find out how long the domain exist from its registration date. If the domain was recently registered, then the risks of fraud is high. Note: This fraud […]

What is device validation?

Device tracking, or device fingerprinting, is a proven method to uniquely identify a user. As compared to the IP tracking that users could easily hide their device IP address using proxy or VPN, this feature will uniquely label the device and permanently store the device information in our system for […]

What is export controlled country validation?

Be cautious with orders coming from embargoed countries. Different countries will have their embargoed country list regulated that you shouldn’t export any goods to. You may have good knowledge about the embargoed list of your country, but filter those out could be a daunting task if you had many orders […]

What is custom country validation?

It’s easy to start an online business, but it’s never an easy task to combat fraud to prevent chargeback or losses. There are many aspects that you need to look into to effectively unveil a fraud order and this couldn’t be done manually without a right tool with right features. […]

What is ISP usage type validation?

From an IP address, you can find out where the IP address is coming from, whether it’s from a fixed line, a mobile line, a military IP and so on. This is what we referred as ISP usage type in our fraud verification system. This information plays an important fraud […]

What are the rules supported by FraudLabs Pro?

There are more than 50 rules introduced by FraudLabs Pro. Please see the summary below. You may visit the pricing page for the number of rules available for each plan. What are the rules supported? Address Validation. Billing Address Billing City Billing Country Billing Region Billing ZIP Code Distance Between […]

How to configure email notification

FraudLabs Pro allows users to configure the email notification for the below fraud validation events: When a transaction was approved When a transaction was rejected When a transaction was pending for review FraudLabs Pro will recommend you to enable the Rejected and Pending Review email notification alert, so that you […]

How to import and export rules

FraudLabs Pro allows users to export fraud validation rules for backup, and import the previously exported rules for usage. This feature is available for Small Plan upwards. How to export rules? Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel. Click on the Rules menu. Click at the Export button at […]

How is the sequence of execution of fraud validation rules

FraudLabs Pro allows user to configure multiple fraud validation rules with multiple actions, such as Approve, Manual Review, and Reject. But, how is the sequence of execution if you had configured multiple validation rules with different actions? Below are the explanation of the execution logic. FraudLabs Pro adopts an easy-to-understand […]

Email Validity Check – Verify if an email address is valid

Notice: We are no longer support this email validation feature powered by MailboxValidator. FraudLabs Pro email validation feature helps merchant to validate their customer’s email address. This feature is important because it ensure that the customer is using a legitimate email address when making a purchase. This feature is absolutely […]