How to import and export rules

FraudLabs Pro allows users to export fraud validation rules for backup, and import the previously exported rules for usage. This feature is available for Small Plan upwards. How to export rules? Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel. Click on the Rules menu. Click at the Export button at […]

How is the sequence of execution of fraud validation rules

FraudLabs Pro allows user to configure multiple fraud validation rules with multiple actions, such as Approve, Manual Review, and Reject. But, how is the sequence of execution if you had configured multiple validation rules with different actions? Below are the explanation of the execution logic. FraudLabs Pro adopts an easy-to-understand […]

Email Validity Check – Verify if an email address is valid

Notice: We are no longer support this email validation feature powered by MailboxValidator. FraudLabs Pro email validation feature helps merchant to validate their customer’s email address. This feature is important because it ensure that the customer is using a legitimate email address when making a purchase. This feature is absolutely […]

What is transaction amount and quantity velocity check?

FraudLabs Pro has added 2 new fraud prevention rules for Transaction Validation section to further improve your fraud protection. They are: Total Amount Of A Transaction Total Quantity Of A Transaction These rules will certainly provide merchants an extra protection by flagging a transaction with high amount/quantity for review. In […]

How to reject orders by billing or shipping countries

Consider an e-commerce website wants to set orders that will be shipped to certain shipping countries for manual review or reject it in order to reduce fraud orders. In this use case, let’s say every transaction that has Malaysia set as shipping country needs to be rejected. FraudLabs Pro allows […]

How to prevent Bitcoin fraud

Bitcoin (BTC) is an anonymous electronic payment that acts like cash. There is no chargeback or Bitcoin fraud in BTC transactions. However, there is a possibility that service providers such as web hosting suffered from abuse of services by customers using BTC as anonymous payment method. FraudLabs Pro can help […]

How to prevent carding attempt

A carding attempt occurred when fraudsters use a list of the stolen credit cards and try to verify them by performing purchase transactions. As a result, you may noticed abnormal growth in sales in a day or two, which would cause you lots of troubles and chargeback losses if this […]

How to prevent fraud using velocity check

FraudLabs Pro enables you to perform the velocity check for quantity, amount and number of transactions that occurred within 24 hours. This feature is important because it safeguards you from potential losses if the numbers surge abnormally based on your track records. When this happens, you might want to review […]

How to automatically reject the high risks order

Sometimes you may want to automatically reject the orders that, based on your previous experiences, tend to be fraudulent orders. This could save your precious time by removing the number of orders that you need to review. Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel. Click on the Rules menu. […]

How to configure Slack notification

FraudLabs Pro has now supported Slack notification. You can now configure FraudLabs Pro to notify you whenever a transaction was approved, rejected or pending for your review. Enable the Slack Notification Login to the merchant area. On the merchant area, click on the Settings menu. Click on the Add Slack […]