What is export controlled country validation?

Be cautious with orders coming from embargoed countries. Different countries will have their embargoed country list regulated that you shouldn’t export any goods to. You may have good knowledge about the embargoed list of your country, but filter those out could be a daunting task if you had many orders transacted in a day. Good news is, this exported control rule will make your task a lot easier.

Below are the example of export controlled countries for United States.

  • CU, Cuba
  • IR, Iran
  • KP, Korea (North) (People’s Republic)
  • SD, Sudan
  • SY, Syria

How to add the export controlled country validation rule for fraud review

    1. Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.
    2. Click on the Rules then click Add Rule.
    3. Select Shipping Country Equal to Export Controlled Country under the Rule field.Export controlled country validation rule
    4. Choose the action you want.
    5. ¬†Click Add Rule and don’t forget to click Save and you are done.

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