What is email domain age validation?

Email domain age can be used to check for fraud. If you enable the email domain age validation rule, FraudLabs Pro will automatically find out how long the domain exist from its registration date. If the domain was recently registered, then the risks of fraud is high.

Note: This fraud validation rule only applicable if the email address collected was not from a free email service provider.

Let’s see how to protect your online business from fraud with this email domain age validation rule.

How to configure email domain age validation?

1. Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.

2. Click on the Rules then click Add Rule.

3. Select Email Domain Age Less than [Custom Value] Months for the Rule field.

4. Enter the email domain age in month for Value field and select the Action you want.

Email domain age validation rule creation

5. Click Save and you are done.

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