What is device validation?

Device tracking, or device fingerprinting, is a proven method to uniquely identify a user. As compared to the IP tracking that users could easily hide their device IP address using proxy or VPN, this feature will uniquely label the device and permanently store the device information in our system for validation. This will increase the level of difficulty for users to temper this information and fool the system that they are new buyers.

As a result, if the clients used proxies to alter their IP addresses to make multiple purchases, they could be easily tracked down using the device validation rule. Besides, you can easily find out if a client’s device had been reported and blacklisted by other merchants in our merchant network. Similarly, you may also blacklist this device for future purchase if any malicious act was discovered during the fraud validation.

To enable this feature, you need to install the FraudLabs Pro Agent Javascript into your website, either inside the header or the footer of your page. You can get the javascript code at http://www.fraudlabspro.com/developer/javascript. However, if you are using the below ready modules, the javascript had been automatically embedded during the installation.

Once you have the device tracking enabled, you shall be able to view the device information at the transaction details page. Please see the sample screenshot as below:device information

You can create the device validation rule to review or reject the order if the device was blacklisted.device validation rule

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