What is Merchant Network in FraudLabs Pro?

What is Merchant Network in FraudLabs Pro

Merchant Network is a community group introduced by FraudLabs Pro with one clear objective – to combat fraud successfully. We believe that fraud fighting is a collaborative effort, and the success rate is determined by how much information you’ve gathered, and at what speed this valuable information is being processed and disseminated among the merchants. That’s why the Merchant Network is one of the crucial parts in our fraud prevention mechanism.

When you sign up for our fraud prevention plan, you will automatically become part of the Merchant Network, leveraging the publicly contributed blacklisted data by other merchants for your fraud validation. However, if you wish to contribute back to the Merchant Network, you can enable the public visibility for your blacklisted records. By doing so, when you blacklist an order, this piece of information will be processed and shared among the merchants in real-time. This is very helpful. For example, if a fraudulent act is found in a merchant’s site, this real-time data could save other merchants from falling prey to the same fraudster. And, we had seen many successful fraud blockages with the use of this public blacklisted data. You can enable the visibility option using the below steps:

  1. Log in to the merchant area
  2. Click on the Settings menu.
  3. Under the Advanced Options, please change the Blacklist Visibility option to Public.
  4. Done.

Please rest assured that the contributor’s identity will always remain anonymous, and only limited data will be collected for blacklists, such as email, device, ip_address and shipping_address. This information will be kept inside a blacklist database for use within the Merchant Network. No one in public including our merchants has direct access to this information, except our internal validation engines.

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