How to install FraudLabs Pro Module on WHMCS 7

  1. Download the FraudLabs Pro package.
  2. Unzip the downloaded package.
  3. Copy includes/hooks/fraudlabs_pro.php (the downloaded package) into /includes/hooks/ folder (where your WHMCS installed).
  4. Copy modules/fraud/fraudlabs_pro folder (the downloaded package) into /modules/fraud/ folder (where your WHMCS installed).
  5. On WHMCS admin page, click on the Setup->Fraud Protection menu.
  6. Select Fraudlabs Pro from the dropdown list and click on Go button.
  7. Click on the Enable checkbox.
  8. Enter your FraudLabs Pro API License Key.
  9. Leave the Simulate Visitor IP blank.
  10. If you want to enable SMS Verification, click on the SMS Verification checkbox.
  11. If you want to alter order status upon successful SMS verification, then select the new status in New Order Status dropdown.
  12. Click on the Save Changes button to save the new configuration.
  13. Done.

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