How the Status Sync between Ecwid Order and FraudLabs Pro Status

auto-sync status feature in Ecwid and FraudLabs Pro

The “Sync Delivered/Cancelled Status” feature in the FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention app for Ecwid offers merchants the convenience of automatically aligning the order status in their Ecwid store with the corresponding transaction status in the FraudLabs Pro system. This automated synchronization ensures that the statuses are always up-to-date and consistent across both platforms. For instance, when an order in the Ecwid store is marked as “Delivered,” this status change triggers an update in the FraudLabs Pro system, where the corresponding transaction is then marked as “Approved.” Similarly, if an order status in Ecwid is changed to “Cancelled,” the linked transaction in FraudLabs Pro is automatically updated to “Rejected.” Below, please finds the summary of the status changes.

Ecwid Order StatusFraudLabs Pro Transaction Status
Cancelled/Refunded/Partially RefundedRejected
Sync Delivered/Cancelled Status in FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention App Settings

Advantages of Status Sync

Enabling this feature ensures that the system consistently maintains the most up-to-date and accurate status information for effective future fraud detection. With accurate and current data, the system can thoroughly analyze customer purchase histories, shipping details and IP geolocation information of transactions that have been marked as “Approved”. This comprehensive evaluation allows the system to accurately assess the risk levels of new orders. If an incoming order aligns with the established legitimacy criteria based on historical approved transactions, it can be automatically approved. This not only accelerates the order fulfillment process but also maintains strong fraud prevention measures, ensuring that legitimate orders are processed swiftly without compromising security.

In a similar manner, data from “Rejected” orders, including the reasons for cancellation, email addresses, physical addresses and other relevant details, are recorded and evaluated. This information is then utilized to assess future orders, helping to determine if they should be rejected based on patterns identified in past fraudulent activities. By leveraging this detailed data analysis, the system enhances its ability to protect against financial losses and maintain the integrity of the e-commerce operations. This comprehensive approach to fraud detection and prevention ensures that merchants can operate securely while minimizing the risk of processing fraudulent transactions.

In conclusion, this seamless integration eliminates the need for manual updates, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that merchants have a clear and accurate view of their order and transaction statuses at all times. This feature enhances the efficiency of order management and contributes to a more streamlined and reliable fraud detection process.

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