How to add FraudLabs Pro secured seal on osCommerce platform

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This tutorial shows you step-by-step instructions on how to add the FraudLabs Pro secured seal on the osCommerce platform in the footer section. However, you can embed the seal on any pages you want on the osCommerce platform.

  1. Login to FraudLabs Pro merchant area.
  2. Go to and copy the secured seal code.
  3. Open your osCommerce installation folder.
  4. Open /includes/footer.php with a text editor.
  5. File the following line in the file:
    <p align="center"><?php echo FOOTER_TEXT_BODY; ?></p>
  6. Paste the secured seal code right after the above line. For example,
    <p><a href="" target="_blank"/>
     <img style="border:none;" alt="FraudLabs Pro Prevents Fraud for Digital Businesses" src="//">
  7. Press Save to save your changes.

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