How to blacklist shipping address

What should you do if you discovered some suspicious shipping addresses that you want to prevent them from future ordering? You can blacklist them in the FraudLabs Pro. Once the shipping addresses were blacklisted, you can add the validation rule to flag the blacklisted address for review or reject.

How to manually blacklist shipping address?

  1. Login to merchant area at
  2. On the merchant area, click on the Blacklist menu.
  3. Select Shipping Address from the Blacklist Type dropdown list and click on the Search shipping address
  4. Click on the Add Blacklists button, and a new input windows will be prompted. add shipping details
  5. Fill in all the shipping information that you want to blacklist.
  6. Click on the Add button to blacklist the shipping address.
  7. Done.

Please take note that the shipping information is case insensitive, which mean FraudLabs Pro will validate the shipping address regardless its case. Furthermore, you can also enter the widely used region abbreviation/code, such as NY for New York, FraudLabs Pro will be able to detect them and validate them accordingly.


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