How to ignore anonymous proxy from fraud validation

FraudLabs Pro treats anonymous proxy as one of the red flags of a fraudulent order. Therefore, you will see a high fraud score if the customer used an anonymous proxy to complete the order transaction. However, there are exceptions whereby the use of anonymous proxy could be the norm or a common tool for certain merchants or people in some countries. Especially, the use of anonymous proxy or VPN to protect their sensitive information from eavesdroppers. We do understand some buyers use proxy or VPN for a valid security reason. If you wish to exclude anonymous proxy from the fraud validation, you can do so now in the settings page. Please take note that this feature is one of the options under Validation Exception which is made available for Mini plan onward. You may visit our pricing page for the details.

Steps to enable the option to exclude anonymous proxy from validation

  1. Login to the merchant area.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Under the Validation Exception section, click on the Ignore anonymous proxy validation.
    FraudLabs Pro Merchant Settings
  4. Click on Save
  5. Done

We strongly recommend that you do NOT ignore the anonymous proxy validation, unless you are very certain that many of your legitimate buyers are using anonymous proxy for purchases.

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