New Validation Rule: First Time Buyer

We have received many requests from merchants for the ability to flag first time buyers for review, while letting returned customers go through without validation needed. We agreed that this is a very good input and could also be an important rule for many industries, for example, the digital download, whereby merchants can halt first time buyers from getting an instant download before the fraud review. And now, we are glad to announce the release of the new validation rule, the First Time Buyer, and we believe this rule could come in handy for all merchants.

The mechanism of this rule checking is simple, it will check if there is any recorded transaction of an email address throughout the historical records if he was previous being approved for any purchases. If yes, then the user is NOT a first time buyer. If no, then otherwise. To explain further, if a client was currently put under review or being rejected previously while trying to submit a new order, the client will be treated as first time user as the client didn’t successfully purchase any item before. Below are the procedures on how to enable the First Time Buyer rule.

  1. Login to FraudLabs Pro merchant area and click on the Rules menu.
  2. On the Rules page, click on the “Add Rule Button”.
  3. On the Rule dropdown, select “Email Validation -> Email Address”.
  4. On the Condition dropdown, select “First Time Buyer” rule. Please see the below screenshots for example.First Time Buyer Rule
  5. Select the Action and then click on the “Add Rule” button.
  6. Done


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