What is FraudLabs Pro Action?

FraudLabs Pro Action is the one in FraudLabs Pro Validation Rule that defines the action to be taken based on the validation outcome. Each validation rule will have its own associated action. And, altogether FraudLabs Pro supports 3 types of action, namely APPROVE, REVIEW and REJECT. Below is the example of 2 validation rules that having different action:

  1. Approve the transaction if the email domain is from abc.com
  2. Reject the transaction if the email is from disposable email type.

Suppose the email of the transaction is coming from disposable email type, then Reject action of Rule #2 will be triggered. When that happens, FraudLabs Pro will signal the caller (the e-commerce platform if you are using our ready plugin) to process the reject action, for example, to cancel the order.

Please note that different plugins/extensions will have different behavior in processing the actions. For example, some plugins will automatically on hold the order when receiving the Review action, some might cancel it right away and some may even allow you to configure the order status that you want it to be. It all depends on the capability of the specific platform and therefore please check the plugin setting page to learn more.

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