What is Rule Matching Logs?

FraudLabs Pro is glad to introduce you a new feature, Rule Matching Logs, that allows merchants to view the sequence of how the rule matching was executed. You can view this new piece of information at the Transaction Details page. And, below is the screenshot of the Rule Matching Logs:
Rule Matching Logs

This new tab list out the processing sequence, row by row, based on the enabled validation rules in the system. It will highlights the row where the rule matched the order details and displays the associated action, i.e. Approve, Manual Review or Reject. From the above example, we knew that the visitor’s email address was from a free email provider, and a manual review action was triggered because of this rule.

Please take note that the logs will only display up to the where the rule was triggered, #7 as in the above example. In other words, you may have more than 7 validation rules configured, but the remaining rules will be omitted from the display once a rule matched the transaction details.

Below are the Q&As of this new feature:

  1. Is this feature available for all plans?
    1. Yes, this feature is available for all plans including free Micro plan.
  2. Can I view the logs for the old transactions prior to the introduction of this new features?
    1. Yes, you may view the Rule Matching Logs for old transactions as well.
  3. Will the rule matching logs be affected if I edited the rules?
    1. No. The logs are a snapshot of the point in time when the transaction occurred. Any new changes to the rule will not affect the recorded data.
  4. Why are there empty records in the page?
    1. Most probably you did not have the rule configured in the system. Please add the rule(s) at the account area. In fact, you should have at least the FraudLabs Pro Score rule added. Please visit here for details.


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