What is Simulate IP Address?

Simulate IP address is an optional field in some of the FraudLabs Pro plugins, such as OpenCart, WHMCS and so on. This optional field enables user to test the plugin by assuming the visitor’s IP address, or in other words, the origin of the visitor’s country. This feature is useful especially if

  • You are testing the plugin offline on your own computer. This could happen, for example, if you are in the initial phase to explore the e-commerce platform & and the plugin. In the offline environment, the plugin will receive a localhost IP address (, which you may want to have a way to override. This is where this feature comes in handy.
  • You want to test the validation rules in the context of the visitor’s country. For instance, you have configured the rule to flag an order for review if they are coming from Indonesia, and you want to verify if this rule get triggered successfully.

This feature is simple and easy to use. However, I believe you may need some help on how to get the IP address for a specific country. Check out this site: IP Address Ranges by Country, that contains the ranges of the IP addresses for all countries around the world.

Please do remember to disable this feature by clearing the value when you release your e-commerce platform to live.


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