What is Validation Exclusion?

Validation Exclusion

The “Validation Exclusion” feature allows merchants to bypass the validation check during order fraud screening. This option is useful when the standard validation logic does not apply to specific business cultures or scenarios. For instance, certain businesses may consider it acceptable or normal to use a P.O. Box for parcel delivery. Alternatively, some merchants may have implemented strict checks for first-time users, making anonymous proxy or shipping validation unnecessary afterwards. These are just a few examples of how this feature can be beneficial. However, please note that this feature is only available for the Mini plan onwards.

Below are the validation exclusions supported in FraudLabs Pro and the explanation.

Ignore Test Credit Card Validation

Enabling this option allows FraudLabs Pro to accept testing credit cards, such as the common test card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, in your order transactions without flagging them as high risk. It is recommended to use this option only during the testing or development phase and to disable it when deploying to the production e-commerce site.

Ignore P.O.Box Validation

Enabling this option allows FraudLabs Pro to ignore the “P.O.Box” keyword in the shipping address and consider it an acceptable address without flagging it as high risk. This option only applies the checking to the shipping address and not the billing address.

Ignore Hotel Address Validation

Similar to a P.O. Box, this option allows merchants to instruct FraudLabs Pro to disregard the known hotel address and accept it as a valid address for parcel delivery. However, hotel addresses are typically considered high risk due to their low traceability and temporary nature. Therefore, merchants should carefully consider this before enabling the option.

Ignore Data Center IP Address Validation

A data center IP address refers to the IP address assigned to a server. These IP addresses are meant to be specific to the machine and should not appear in web browsing history. However, there are instances where these servers are equipped with VPNs or share their IP addresses for public access, which can lead to false positives in fraud detection. If you encounter a significant number of false positives caused by data centers, you may consider enabling this option to ignore data center IP addresses.

Ignore Anonymous Proxy Validation

This option allows merchants to bypass the validation check for anonymous proxy servers when screening for order fraud. Anonymous proxy servers can be used to hide a user’s identity and location, making it difficult to accurately determine the risk associated with a transaction. By enabling this option, merchants can choose to ignore the potential risk associated with transactions originating from anonymous proxy servers. There are cases where you may want to enable this bypass, for example, when the use of VPN is a common practice in your business vertical. However, it is important to exercise caution when using this option, as it may increase the vulnerability to fraudulent activities.

Ignore Free Email Validation

This option allows merchants to exclude the validation check for emails originating from free email service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. While free email is not considered a high risk in FraudLabs Pro, it is still a factor in the fraud score calculation. By disabling this option, FraudLabs Pro will remove this risk factor from the score calculation, resulting in a lower fraud score.

Ignore Shipping Address Validation

The option allows merchants to disable the validation check for shipping addresses when screening for order fraud. Disabling this check will exclude all validation processes related to the shipping address, including ship forwarder address validation, ZIP Code validation, distance validation, blacklisted record validation, and more. This feature can be beneficial in cases where certain businesses have specific shipping requirements or when the standard shipping address validation logic does not apply. However, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the potential risks associated with disabling this validation, as it may increase the chances of fraudulent activities going undetected.

Ignore Credit Card BIN Country Validation

This option allows merchants to ignore the validation check for the country associated with the credit card’s BIN (Bank Identification Number) and the billing country. By enabling this option, merchants can choose to skip the validation process based on the BIN country, which provides more flexibility in accepting orders from different countries. However, it is important to carefully consider the potential risks associated with disabling this validation, as it may increase vulnerability to fraudulent activities originating from specific countries or regions.

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