Why you need a Fraud Score validation rule?

Fraud Score (also referred to as FraudLabs Pro Score) rule is one of the 5 default rules included when you first subscribed to any of the fraud prevention plan. This score is important as it allows you to distinguish between a legitimate and a potentially fraudulent order. The score defaults to 70, but you could change the threshold depending on your business needs.

What if you do not have the Fraud Score rule configured? The inaccurate result could happen, for example, your order could always get approved if none of your custom validation rules get triggered. You may visit the sequence of fraud validation to learn more. In addition, this could also mean that you do not want to rely on the fraud score that is calculated by our engine after the comprehensive vetting, but instead relying on other custom rules for fraud prevention. This could undermine the effectiveness of Fraud Score as one of the main factor to unveil a fraud order that may lead to false validation result if the custom rules were not carefully crafted. These issues have been confirmed after we had received numerous reports from our clients due to the unintentional removal of the Fraud Score rule. Hence, from Feb-2017 onward, we have configured our system to prevent user from removing the Fraud Score rule from the default rules, a precautionary step to remedy the issue.

Anyway, for those who have accidentally removed the Fraud Score rule from the validation list, you may reinstate the rule by following the below procedures:

  1. Login to FraudLabs Pro merchant area.
  2. On the Rules page, click on the Add Rule button.
  3. Select the Fraud Score in the rule dropdown list and enter 70 as the threshold value.
  4. Select the Action for the rule.fraud score rule
  5. Click on Add Rule button.
  6. Finally, click on the Save button.

Please take note that 70 is only a recommended threshold to start with. Actual threshold shall depend on your business needs, some may require a lower threshold and some maybe higher. There won’t be a single value to fit all businesses, therefore you should regularly revisit your transactions to fine-tune the threshold until it becomes an optimized value to allow legitimate orders to successfully get through while blocking all unwanted fraud orders.

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