How to install vQmod for OpenCart

vQmod (Virtual File Modification System) enable user to override the PHP modification on-the-fly without actually changing the source files. This will be very useful especially if you would like to extend a feature that can’t be done using the plugin method.

This tutorial provide you step by step on how to install vQmod (version 2.4.1) into OpenCart.

    1. Download vQmod from This tutorial will demonstrate you the installation for For the latest version, you can download it from the github site at
    2. Unzip the file and upload vqmod folder to your OpenCart directory. vqmod folder for OpenCart
      Please make sure the vqmod directory and its contents are writeable. For linux, please be sure the directory mod has configured to 755 or 777.
    3. On your browser, key in and press enter.
    4. You shall receive the below message if your vQmod had been successfully installed. vQmod has been installed
    5. Done. Please take note that you shouldn’t remove the vqmod folder after the installation.
    6. You can now upload your vQmod file, for example FraudLabs Pro, into the xml directory for running.Navigate to xml folder
You may refer to FraudLabs Pro for OpenCart for the details of the fraud prevention installation.

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