Fraud Prevention Add-on for X-Cart

Fraud Prevention Add-on for X-Cart

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, the battle against fraudulent transactions is a constant challenge for merchants. As online businesses grow, so does the sophistication of fraudsters. To counteract this threat, the FraudLabs Pro Prevention Add-on emerges as a powerful tool, specifically designed to assist merchants using X-Cart in identifying and preventing fraudulent orders.

Understanding the FraudLabs Pro Prevention Add-on

The FraudLabs Pro Prevention Add-on is a purposefully crafted solution aimed at examining various data points within a customer’s order to swiftly identify and prevent deceptive patterns. The comprehensive examination includes factors such as geolocation, proxy usage, email verification, shipping address validation, transaction velocity and more.

One standout feature of this add-on is its integration with a constantly updated global merchant network blacklist. By cross-referencing incoming orders with this extensive blacklist, the add-on assesses the level of fraud risk associated with each transaction.

Moreover, the FraudLabs Pro Prevention Add-on seamlessly integrates with all payment methods, ensuring a holistic approach to fraud prevention. It also provides free validation for businesses with up to 500 orders per month or those with monthly sales totaling less than 25,000 USD.

Why Opt for FraudLabs Pro?


One of the compelling reasons to choose FraudLabs Pro is its versatility. Merchants can leverage the FraudLabs Pro score to flag potential fraud or tailor their own validation rules to address specific scenarios. The flexibility extends to using a combination of both methods, providing a customized and adaptable solution.


Unlike traditional trial versions, FraudLabs Pro offers a completely free version to safeguard your online business. This free version includes up to 500 validations per month or is available for businesses with monthly sales under 25,000 USD. There are no upfront credit card requirements, no commitments, hidden costs or any other obligations, making it a risk-free option for businesses of varying sizes.

Simple Setup

Implementing FraudLabs Pro is a breeze, taking only a few minutes. Merchants need to install the free FraudLabs Pro add-on, input the API key and configure their settings. The user-friendly setup ensures that businesses can quickly enhance their fraud prevention measures without significant time investment.


Backed by over a decade of experience in the fraud prevention industry, FraudLabs Pro has earned the trust of thousands of clients who rely on its solution. The add-on is readily compatible with major shopping cart platforms, including X-Cart, providing a reliable and established option for merchants seeking robust fraud protection.

Key Features

The FraudLabs Pro Prevention Add-on offers a range of key features to strengthen your fraud prevention strategy:

  • Fraud analysis and scoring
    The add-on conducts a thorough analysis of incoming orders and assigns a FraudLabs Pro score, allowing you to quickly assess the potential risk associated with each transaction.
  • IP address geolocation validation
    By validating the geolocation of the IP address associated with the order, the add-on helps ensure that the transaction aligns with the expected geographical location, flagging any anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activity.
  • Email address validation
    The add-on verifies the legitimacy of email addresses provided during the order process, helping to reduce the risk of fraud associated with fake or compromised email accounts.
  • Transaction velocity validation
    Monitoring the velocity of transactions aids in identifying unusual patterns or spikes in activity, enabling the system to flag potentially fraudulent orders based on their frequency and timing.
  • Custom validation rules
    Businesses have the flexibility to tailor their fraud prevention measures by establishing custom validation rules. This feature allows for a personalized approach to address specific scenarios and unique risk factors.
  • FraudLabs Pro Merchant Network
    Being part of the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Network means accessing a collaborative community where merchants collectively contribute to a shared database of fraud-related information, fostering a stronger defense against evolving threats.

For additional details and to take advantage of the FraudLabs Pro Prevention Add-on, you can obtain a complimentary or free fraud protection license key by signing up at Begin fortifying your online business against fraud and ensure a secure and trustworthy environment for your customers.

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