How to install FraudLabs Pro Credit Card Capture extension in OpenCart

Credit card information is highly sensitive data and should be protected from unauthorized access. Due to this reason, it is understandable that neither payment gateway plugin nor OpenCart is going to expose this information to a 3rd party integrator, like us, to read and process, even for a very good reason – to perform the fraud validation. This is why you might have noticed an N/A value for all credit card related fields in our fraud validation results.

Credit card information is one of the key elements in fraud detection. Obviously, you would want the best fraud protection possible, therefore one might wonder, is there a workaround to this limitation? The answer is yes. It involves some minor editing to the payment gateway file, and the modification is payment gateway specific. In this tutorial, we will guide you with instructions to install Fraudlabs Pro Credit Card Capture extension that edits the (AIM) payment gateway to enable the credit card validation.

What the extension did:

  • Read the credit number from the user input
  • Extract the 6 digits Credit Card BIN
  • Hashed the entire credit card number using SHA-1
  • Save them into session object for later validation

The above logic will convert the plain credit card number into an irreversible hashed string for the fraud validation. Neither us nor the 3rd party will be able to read the plain credit card number from the hashed string. Below are the steps to install Fraudlabs Pro Credit Card Capture extension in OpenCart.

Note: This extension requires OpenCart version 2.3.x and above.
  1. Download the Fraudlabs Pro Credit Card Capture extension.
  2. Login to the OpenCart administration area.
  3. Go to Extensions > Extension Installer.
  4. Click on Upload button and find the file FraudLabsPro-CreditCardCapture.ocmod.xml.

    Extension Installer

  5. Go to Extensions > Modifications.
  6. Click on the Refresh button located at the upper right corner.Extension Modification
  7. Done.

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