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Magento has become the go-to platform for e-commerce site owners. It’s powerful, flexible and has hundreds of compatible extensions to improve its functionality. Even then, many e-commerce site administrators are at a loss when it comes to choosing the most suiting Magento extensions for their sites. Here are the top 10 extensions you certainly find useful on your site. Read on.

Magento WordPress Integration Extension

Magento WordPress Integration Extension

While Magento controls a sizable chunk of enterprise-class e-commerce sites, WordPress dominates in blogging. There is a high chance that a significant percentage of your site’s traffic will originate from blogs. This extension helps you to integrate your site with WordPress platforms seamlessly.

The SERP Editor Extension

SERP Editor Extension

Optimizing your e-commerce store is an essential aspect of your online business. Your site can’t rank high enough unless you invest your time and effort to make your store appealing to search engines. Installing a SERP editor extension makes it all easy to optimize the keywords, model your site’s pages to have the right on-page structure and also avoid being penalized by search engines for duplicating content.

Checkout Optimization Extension

One Page Checkout Extension

This extension allows your customers to checkout of your site in as few steps as possible. This boosts their users’ experience on your site and also whets the chances of their revisiting it in the future. This can mean a lot to your store’s bottom line.

Magento Search Extensions

Searchanise Extension

The basic search functionality on Magento may not be enough for your customers who would like to carry out a highly refined search of products on your site. The Magento search functionality, for instance, doesn’t use auto-complete and suggestions making the search process tasking if the customer doesn’t know the details of a given product discreetly. This is where installing a search extension on your site proves paramount. And it isn’t hard at all as there exists an array of effective, safe and user-friendly extensions to choose from.

Cross-channel Marketing Campaigns Extensions

Cross-channel Marketing Campaigns Extension

Tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns is vital in developing an effective marketing strategy. Marketing campaign extensions help you keep tab on which campaigns have flopped, those which are flourishing as well as those that generally some improvements. You can as well be able to customize marketing messages to the specifications of your target customer.

Customized Shipping Rates Extension

Customized Shipping Rates Extension

Size, nature, weight and value of your products determine the shipping rates to various destinations. There are also times you’d want to change the shipping rules in favor of customers. The extension allows you to tailor your shipping rates to suit your needs.

Loading Speeding Extensions

Loading Speeding Extension

Site’s loading speed is one of the important metrics in keeping customers on your online store. Unless the loading speed is good enough, you’ll end up losing traffic and consequently sales. Basically, loading speeding extensions combines and compresses multiple JavaScript files. As a result, they load faster and easier.

Social Connect Extensions

Google Social Connect Extension

Social media is all the rage these days. You have no chance of beating the traffic competition unless you can connect and share with potential buyers online. The extension allows users to register on site using their Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Banner Slider

Banner Slider Extension

An e-commerce site is meant to be attractive, user friendly and yet interesting. A banner slider management tool enables administrators to place banner appropriately on their sites. This include appearing order, images employed as well as banner URL.

Rewards and Royalty Extension

PunchTab Extension

How much you value your customers will definitely determine how often they place orders. Fortunately, the rewards or loyalty extensions allow you to extend a sweet tooth to your loyal customers as well as placing bait for potential customers. Installing Magento extensions can mean a lot for your e-commerce site. Basically, your site will perform much better, load faster, and appeal to customers. Amongst the many extensions to choose from, the 10 above are a definite must have on your site.

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