What is Advanced Velocity Screening in FraudLabs Pro for WooCommerce plugin?

Advanced Velocity Screening is an extra fraud checking to screen the same order during the checkout process for multiple payment attempts with various credit cards. This scenario would happen when the payment gateway declines the transaction due to incorrect credit card details, or unauthorized action status from the card issuing bank. After that, the buyers may change their credit card details to retry the payment. Thus, this may cause the multiple credit cards attempts.

It wouldn’t be an issue if the legitimate buyers are re-entering their card details due to typo or whatsoever reason, but it would become a serious problem if these were carding attempts by fraudsters. You are in danger of being questioned by your payment gateway and possibly lose your account if the attempted cases keep escalating. To remedy this, you may need to enable the Advanced Velocity Screening option to limit the number of cards retries.

For the normal case, the FraudLabs Pro system will perform fraud screening and capture the fraud result on the first screening. However, with the Advanced Velocity Screening option enabled, the system will execute the fraud screening on each credit card attempt on the same order. The checked result will be created individually and the results will be taken into the rule analysis. For instance, a Transaction Validation rule of “Total Card Attempt by Email Within the last 24 hours Greater to 5” rule is configured and the results show that there are 6 credit card attempts. This will trigger the rule and change the order status to the action status that is configured, either Manual Review or Reject.

Please note that the Advanced Velocity Screening option is only available for “Validation Trigger Point Before submit order to payment gateway”. And, it will consume FraudLabs Pro credits for each checking. This option not available for Validation Trigger Point After submit order to payment gateway because the system will only perform the fraud checking after the payment gateway. This means the payment details has been processed by the payment gateway before the fraud validation is performed by FraudLabs Pro. Some payment gateways will charge a certain amount for every attempt and if the fraudster makes numerous attempts, then it will be very expensive.

In conclusion, you may make use of the Advanced Velocity Screening feature to perform additional fraud screening based on your business needs. If your store regularly experience huge number of credit card attempts cases, then this feature will fit your requirement.

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