What is Sync WooCommerce Completed/Cancelled Status in FraudLabs Pro for WooCommerce plugin

The “Sync WooCommerce Completed/Cancelled Status” option in the FraudLabs Pro plugin allows merchants to automatically synchronize the order’s status with the corresponding transaction status in the FraudLabs Pro system. For example, when the WooCommerce order status changes to “Completed”, the corresponding transaction in FraudLabs Pro system will be updated to “Approved” status. And, if the WooCommerce order status changes to “Cancelled”, the respective transaction will be updated to “Rejected” status as well. Below, please find the summary of the status changes.

WooCommerce Order StatusFraudLabs Pro Transaction Status
Synchronize the WooCommerce order status with the FraudLabs Pro status

What are the advantages to enable this option?

Enabling this feature ensures that the system has the most up-to-date and accurate status information for future fraud detection. As a result, the system can accurately leverage the customer purchase history, shipping details, and IP geolocation of “Approved” transactions to evaluate the risk level of future orders. If the future order meets the legitimacy criteria, it can be automatically approved, expediting the fulfillment process while maintaining robust fraud prevention measures.

Similar to “Rejected” orders, data from the cancelled orders, such as cancellation reasons, emails, addresses, and more can be evaluated and recorded to be used to determine if a future order should be rejected. This helps to protect against financial losses and to maintain the integrity of operations.

In conclusion, by enabling the “Sync WooCommerce Completed/Cancelled Status” feature, merchants can ensure that the FraudLabs Pro system has up-to-date and accurate status information for future fraud detection. This reduces risks, protects revenue, and maintains customer trust, while streamlining processes, enhancing accuracy, and allocating resources effectively. By embracing automated fraud prevention measures, businesses can stay one step ahead in the digital marketplace while providing a secure and trustworthy shopping experience for their customers.

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