What is Email Address Validity

Email Address Validity

In the dynamic landscape of eCommerce, where the prosperity of businesses relies on smooth communication and transactions, the significance of ensuring the validity of email addresses cannot be emphasized enough. Invalid email addresses not only lead to undeliverable messages but also pose significant security risks. In this article, we will explore into the concept of email address validity, discuss the role of validation rules and the numerous advantages they bring to the digital marketplace.

Understanding Email Address Validity

Email addresses serve as digital passports, granting access to a wide range of online services, personal communications and business transactions. Consequently, the integrity of these addresses is crucial for maintaining a secure and trustworthy digital environment. Invalid email addresses can lead to various issues, including undeliverable messages, failed transactions and most particularly, susceptibility to fraud.

Email address fraud encompasses a range of malicious activities, such as phishing attacks, identity theft and unauthorized access to sensitive information. Attackers often exploit vulnerabilities in email systems, relying on the anonymity provided by invalid or fake addresses. Therefore, ensuring the validity of email addresses is a fundamental step in fortifying your online presence and protecting against potential threats.

Validation Rule for Email Address Validity

Validation rules are sets of criteria or conditions used to verify the accuracy and integrity of data. When applied to email addresses, validation rules help to identify and filter out invalid addresses, ensuring that only properly formatted and legitimate addresses are accepted.

FraudLabs Pro has implemented a new validation rule that allows merchants to review and prevent fraudulent activities through the identification of invalid email addresses. The below validation rule is specifically designed for merchants subscribed to the Medium plan or higher. By integrating this rule, businesses can strengthen their defenses against fraud associated with invalid email addresses, enhancing the overall security of their transactions.

Invalid Email Address Validation Rule Configuration

Validation Rule Configuration

The following steps outline how to activate the Invalid Email Address Checking feature. These instructions will guide you on enabling this functionality.

  1. Login to the FraudLabs Pro merchant area and click on the Rules menu.
  2. On the Rules page, click on the “Add Rule” button.
  3. On the Rule dropdown, select “Email Address Equal to Invalid Email Address”.
  4. Select the Action and then click on the “Save” button.
  5. Done.

The scenario outlined above illustrates the procedure of marking an order for REVIEW in the event of detecting an invalid email address. The functionality of this verification is simple, it assesses whether the order was placed using an invalid email address. Upon detecting an invalid email address, the rule is activated, adjusting the FraudLabs Pro status based on the preconfigured action (Manual Review, Approve or Reject). If the email address is valid, the rule remains dormant.

Advantages of Email Address Validation Rule

Enhanced Order Fulfillment: Valid email addresses ensure that customers receive crucial order-related communications, such as order confirmations and shipping notifications. This results in a smoother order fulfillment process, reducing the likelihood of customer dissatisfaction.

Protection Against Fraud: Fake or incorrect email addresses are commonly linked to deceptive practices, such as gaining unauthorized entry into accounts. Validation rules serve as a proactive measure, preventing potential fraudulent activities and securing customer accounts.

Improved Customer Communication: Accurate email addresses enable businesses to maintain effective communication with their customers. Whether notifying them of promotions, updates or personalized offers, valid email addresses are the foundation of targeted and meaningful interactions.


In conclusion, email address validity is a key player in the eCommerce ecosystem and validation rules serve as the guardians of this critical aspect. By implementing the validation rule, businesses can not only streamline their operations but also strengthen their defenses against potential threats, providing customers with a secure and reliable online shopping experience.

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