Why the OpenCart fraud validation is not working after the payment process?

If you noticed the OpenCart orders were not being screened by the FraudLabs Pro extension for some reasons after the payment process, then you should continue reading this article for the checklists to help you to identify and solve the issue. First and foremost, you may want to check out this article – How to test if FraudLabs Pro extension was successfully installed in OpenCart? to make sure that the fraud prevention extension has been successfully installed and configured.

This issue only found on OpenCart version v2.1.0.0 and onward, due to the underlying architecture changes on OpenCart, that fraud check event will only be triggered if the customer is not on the safe list and the order status is on the Complete or Processing order status after the payment process. Please take note that this doesn’t imply that the default installation of OpenCart from version v2.1.0.0 will have this issues, in fact in most cases, the default installation from v2.1.x works just fine without any alteration. This is only serves as a checklist if you bumped into validation issue to make sure the above mentioned settings are correctly configured on OpenCart and 3rd party payment gateway extension.

Steps to check the settings

  1. Log in to OpenCart admin page.
  2. Click on Customers > Customers > Edit Customer.
  3. Please make sure the Safe Option is set to No. This is to indicate the customer is not on the safe list.Edit customer details
  4. Click on Extensions > Extensions > Payments.
  5. Click on Edit button of the specific payment method.
  6. Please make sure the order status setting of the payment method is set to Processing.Edit payment gateway setting
  7. Click on Save button.
  8. Done.

The fraud detection service should be up and running after the above changes are made.

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