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How Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado Identifies & Eliminates Fraudulent Transactions


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Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado

Garage Flooring LLC is a leading online distributor of Garage Flooring across the USA and into Canada. We do millions of dollars in e-commerce transactions every year with products such as garage floor mats, garage floor tiles, coatings and more.

Due to its popularity, Garage Flooring has expanded to serve customers across the nation through online websites and at major retailers, offering the highest quality products at the most affordable prices in the industry. Despite the growth of the industry, Garage Flooring has maintained the hands-on approach, the knowledgeable team of customer service associates and the ability and willingness to treat each and every garage like it is the most important project. Garage Flooring provides the guaranteed lowest prices, the best customer service, the highest quality products, and the service team who are passionate about helping customers to achieve their garage needs.

"With the outstanding technical support from FraudLabs Pro, we have been able to identify and eliminate fraudulent transactions before they become an issue. In some cases, we reach out to customers with legitimate transactions and it was surprising to us how much people appreciate it! Our customers love knowing their information is safe with us."

Justin Krauss, Founder & President of Garage Flooring LLC

The Challenge

With the increase in e-commerce sales fueled by Covid-19 pandemic, Garage Flooring also noticed the spike in fraud orders. In order to stop the fraudsters from completing the transactions, Garage Flooring has to manually check every transaction to make sure they are legitimate. It has become overwhelming and a nightmare due to the increase in sales. A lot of time has been spent. Furthermore, the manual reviewing process is also not effective nor efficient due to the lack of domain knowledge and fraud cross-reference databases, for example, anonymous data, blacklisted data and so on, to accurately detect the fraudsters. To reduce chargebacks and secure their business, it is crucial for them to find a fraud detection solution that can screen all their orders automatically and highlight the high-risk order based on their business needs.

The Solution

Garage Flooring found FraudLabs Pro to help them sort out the fraudulent purchases before they became a huge disaster. To start with, Garage Flooring has created multiple validation rules based on their business needs, and let the rules do the filtering jobs automatically. After a few weeks, Garage Flooring will review the results again and refine the validation rules again until the optimum result is found. This process is required especially when they need to find out the right threshold for velocity check to trigger the review.

The Results

Instead of reviewing every single transaction, now they only need to review approx 2.5% out of the total transactions. This has made the manual review tasks more manageable. Despite this, FraudLabs Pro also provides in-depth analysis results, for example, which elements we believe are red flags, to help the merchant to decide whether to approve or reject the transactions. This has also greatly reduced the fraud losses or chargebacks. Now, Garage Flooring can put more focus more on their marketing strategy and leave the fraud detection to FraudLabs Pro with peace of mind.

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