BigCommerce Fraud Prevention Module


This fraud prevention module will screen every order transacted on BigCommerce e-commerce platform in real-time for payment fraud. Its sophisticated validation algorithm will accurately detect the fraud patterns to help you to minimize the chargeback and fraud losses. Please visit the FraudLabs Pro Features page to learn more about the type of fraud validation performed and how it could help you to prevent the payment fraud.

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Download Fraud Prevention Module

Before downloading the module, please sign up for a free API license key, which is required during the module installation. Please click on the below button to sign up for a Free Micro Plan.

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Install Fraud Prevention Module

  1. Login to the BigCommerce admin area.
  2. Click on the App >> MarketPlace and then click 'BIGCOMMERCE.COM/APPS' button. Install BigCommerce
  3. Search for FraudLabs Pro in the MarketPlace and select it. Enable BigCommerce
  4. Click 'GET THIS APP' button. Enable BigCommerce
  5. Press 'Install'. Enable BigCommerce
  6. Next, click Confirm to enable it. Enable BigCommerce
  7. Done.

To view your validation result, please click on the Apps >> FraudLabs Pro logo in your BigCommerce admin area. View FraudLabs Pro Result

How to Use

Once successfully installed, the FraudLabs Pro will automatically validate all orders transacted in BigCommerce. After the validation, the system will return you 3 possible FraudLabs Pro status, namely APPROVE, REVIEW and REJECT. Please visit FAQs for the FraudLabs Pro status explanation.

Below please find how it will affect the BigCommerce Order Status for each FraudLabs Pro Status returned:

FraudLabs Pro Status BigCommerce Order Status
APPROVE No change to your order's status
REVIEW The order status will be changed to Verification Required
REJECT The order status will be changed to Declined
We recommend you to test the above scenarios by following the Quick Start Guide

FraudLabs Pro module will display you the indication, the Order Status, on the BigCommerce Orders page if an order was flagged as possible fraud (either the REVIEW or REJECT case). You may view the details validation results by visiting the link given in the BigCommerce Order Notes.

BigCommerce Order Notes

Do I need to manually click on Approve or Reject button on FraudLabs Pro transaction details page? In most cases, you do not need to. The system will automatically capture the BigCommerce Order Status and update the FraudLabs Pro Status accordingly. For example, if an order had been successfully shipped and completed, we will update the FraudLabs Pro Status to Approved.

However, if the Approved order was later filed as chargeback for some reasons, you may want to manually re-update it as Rejected in our merchant area, so that the system can learn the pattern for future checking.

Below please find the screenshot of the mentioned Approve and Reject button in the merchant area.

Transaction Details

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BigCommerce Fraud Prevention Module

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