Fraud Detection: Merchant Network

What is Merchant Network?

Thousands of the merchants, ranging from startups to enterprises, have been participating in our FraudLabs Pro fraud protection merchant network which makes collaboration possible by actively sharing their valuable information about purchases and transaction data, helping each other to detect and prevent fraudulent acts in real-time.

With the global rise of e-commerce sales and card-not-present (CNP) transactions, the enormous amount of data is crucial to enhance the ability of the merchants to detect and prevent fraud. This mutually beneficial network, more active than ever, works constantly to collect data, analyze disputes, pinpoint high risk transactions, enhance the blacklists data, scrutinize purchase histories, and other relevant data. This intelligence sharing can be an efficient fraud screening tool that helps protect against fraud and eliminate chargebacks.

The power of the merchant network is undeniably a vital mechanism to shield the merchants from fraud losses in today's fast-paced digital world. We will highly recommend you to join our merchant network at no cost at all!

How to join our merchant network?

  1. Log in to the merchant area. You may sign up for a free account if you do not have one.
  2. Click on the Settings menu.
  3. Under the Advanced Options, please change the Blacklist Visibility option to Public.
  4. Done.

Collaboration: Merchant Network

More merchants, more data, better protection, always.

Last updated: July, 2023

Merchant Network Map

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