How to configure FraudLabs Pro SMS Verification App on Shopify

FraudLabs Pro SMS Verification App is now available at Shopify App Store at This app will help merchants to authenticate the client’s identity by sending them an SMS for verification. This verification takes place on the Cart page, whereby the client is required to enter the valid phone number to receive the OTP (One-Time-Password) message. Once the client enters the correct OTP, then the client will be allowed to proceed to the checkout page. In this tutorial, we will show you how to configure and test the FraudLabs Pro SMS Verification App in Shopify.

Install the app

  1. Go to FraudLabs Pro SMS Verification App Store page and click on the Get button.
  2. Enter your store’s URL and click on the Log In button.
  3. Click on the Install app button to start the installation.
  4. Done.

Configure the settings

  1. After the completion of installation, the dashboard of the app will be shown.
  2. Configure the app settings under the Settings section. Then click on the Save Settings button.
  3. Follow the installation steps provided under the Installation section.
  4. Done.

Test the App

  1. Add a product into shopping cart.
  2. You should see the below section that requires the client to enter a valid phone number to receive the OTP (One-Time-Password).
  3. If the client clicks on the Check Out button without being verified, a message will be shown as below.
  4. Enter a valid phone number in the text box provided. The phone number must be a international calling number including the country code. For example, 1029384756, whereby 1 is the country code for United States.
  5. Then, click on the Get OTP button.
  6. Enter the correct OTP received into the input box. Then, click on the Submit OTP button.
  7. Done.

Please take note that 10 free SMS credits will be added to your account during the initial App installation, allowing you to try out the SMS verification functionality.


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