How to enable callback to FraudLabs Pro plugin for WooCommerce

During the standard installation of FraudLabs Pro plugin, the callback event is not enabled by default. What is a callback event? The callback is an event that will be fired whenever there is a change of transaction status. For example, when a transaction status changes from Approve to Reject, or from Review to Approve and so on.

Why do I need to enable this callback? There are various reasons for this depending on your custom needs, but in this article, we will assume that you want a complete synchronization between your WooCommerce platform and Merchant Area/Mobile App. You might be aware that you can only approve or reject an order on WooCommerce platform to ensure the order status information is properly synced between WooCommerce platform and FraudLabs Pro system. If you Approve or Reject a transaction in either the merchant area ( or Mobile App (, your action will not be propagated back to your WooCommerce platform. As a result, the order status in your WooCommerce will still be as it was, although the transaction status in FraudLabs Pro has been changed. This will lead to confusion due to the out-of-sync order status. However, you can easily rectify this by enabling the callback event as shown in the steps below:

  1. Check the Integration details in User Details page and make sure you have selected “WooCommerce” in the drop-down list.
  2. Ensure the Store URL details in Setting page is entered correctly.
  3. Install the FraudLabs Pro for WooCommerce plugin in your WordPress.
  4. Activate the FraudLabs Pro for WooCommerce plugin in WordPress Plugin page located in wordpress/wp-admin/plugins.php .
  5. Go to Permalink Settings page in wordpress/wp-admin/options-permalink.php and click on the Save Changes button.
  6. Done.

Now, your WooCommerce order status will be reflected accordingly even if you approve or reject an order via the merchant area or mobile App.

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