FraudLabs Pro Technical Writer Program

FraudLabs Pro is excited to build up a comprehensive and well written collection of tutorials and articles. These articles or tutorials will be featured on our website and we will credit the author who created the contents. In order to build up the contents fast and efficiently, we are offering $50 reward for each article or tutorial written. And, we do not put any limit on the articles or tutorials produced.

However, the submitted article or tutorial must follow the below guidelines, to ensure the quality and standard contents for our reader:

  1. You cannot replicate the contents that are currently published on FraudLabs Pro website.
  2. The article must be unique and your own work.
  3. The article must be well written and as clear as possible, i.e., detailing every steps to avoid confusion from reader. The content shall be easily understood by readers who may or may not have the direct background on the subject.
  4. If the article requires some background study which has been posted on our website, you shall include the link of this background article. If the background article does not exists, you must create one before advancing to your intended article.
  5. Images are useful to further explain or clarify a subject. We encourage the use of images for procedures, settings, results, and to describe other relevant information. However, we discourage the use of image for programming codes, command lines and syntaxes, which are more appropriate in text form.
  6. You are not allow to re-publish the article or tutorial on your own or other websites.
  7. The article must be related to the services that we offer to our customers.
  8. Lastly, please thoroughly proofread your article before submitting to us.

What topics can I write?

It can be a topic on how to use our service for a specific industry area, a technical guideline to implement our service for a platform/programming language, and so on. We do not limit you the topic that you can write, but it must be related to the service that we offer to our customers.

How to submit the article/tutorial?

  1. Create a sample article outlining the points that you would like to elaborate.
  2. Send us the sample article together with a good title to
  3. We will review your sample article and shall reply to you within 5 working days if the article has been approved for writing.
  4. Complete the article and submit us the final copy.
  5. We will review the final copy and shall reply to you within 5 working days if the article has been approved for publish.
  6. Once approved, we will send you $50 as reward using PayPal.