FAQs - SMS Verification API

You need to sign up for a fraud prevention plan, either free Micro plan or paid plan. After that, login to the accounat area and click on Add-On -> SMS Verification API to buy the credits.

1 SMS credits will be deducted to send an SMS.

Go to the SMS Verification API page and click on the SMS Topup button.

Only if the SMS is sent then will the SMS credit be deducted.

No, some basic SMS credits are given when you first purchase an FLP plan. After that, you will need to top-up whenever you require more SMS credits.

The credits will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

No, the Send SMS Verification API call will only deduct your SMS credits if the SMS is sent. There is no charge for calling the Get Verification Result API.

No, you must have an active subscription to a FraudLabsPro plan to be able to use the SMS Verification APIs.

Go to the SMS Verification API page and you can see your API key as well as your SMS credits.