Reseller Program

Program Overview

FraudLabs Pro Reseller Program

Promote FraudLabs Pro & earn 10% of commission on sales!

The FraudLabs Pro provides web services to screen all credit cards transactions for fraud patterns. It helps merchant to reduce fraud and chargebacks instantly. You too can be part of the technology evolution by joining the FraudLabs Pro Reseller Program.

Program Benefits

Make Money: As a reseller, you can earn commissions on all qualifying revenue generated by links to As you knew that we are offering plan as monthly subscription model, and once you successfully referred a paid client, they will usually stay with us for months/years. And, the good thing is, you are going to enjoy the commission of their renewal charges for up to 2 years! Take an example, you could possibly earn up to $239.88 if you successfully refer just one client who is going to sign up for a Small Plan ($99.95) and renew every month for up to 2 years.

Enhance Your Website: In addition to generating commissions, you can create valuable and compelling fraud prevention related content in your site.

Enhance Your Application: For web developers, you can offer fraud detection features with merchant reportings immediately using FraudLabs Pro.

It's Easy to Join

Join Reseller: To start, register your reseller account here for free. Please note that you will need to provide contact information and Paypal information for payment purpose.

Create Links: For you to earn commissions, links must contain your unique reseller tracking code. You can get the reseller links or banners under the reseller management area.

Integrate API: If you are web developer, you can integrate the FraudLabs Pro API into your application. You can use the reseller tracking code in the account creation API to earn your commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join your reseller program?

Web designers, web developers, plugin/module developers, e-commerce solution providers, payment gateway operators, resellers are welcome to join us.

Am I earning the commission on the future purchase done by the referral visitors?

Yes, we pay you the commission for any purchases done by the referral visitors for up to 2 years.

Can I repackage your solution and sell under my label?

Yes, you can repackage our API mechanism and sell under your own label. However, we do not offer re-branding of our online Merchant features. You may have to develop these features yourself if you wish to offer it under your label.

Is there any minimum withdrawal threshold? What is the payment method?

The minimum withdrawal threshold is US$100. We will transfer the amount to your Paypal account by the first week of next calendar month upon formal request.

Can I check my referral sales report?

Yes, you can view your referral status and referral purchases through Reseller Reporting area.