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The increased penetration of internet technology world over, coupled with a corresponding surge in the use of mobile devices has led to an increase in the use of mobile telephony as the platform for conducting business transactions. That has subsequently led to a proliferation of online stores, associated platforms and applications. One of such platforms is Shopify – which enables businesses and individuals to create online stores. Below are technical reviews of the top ten apps that are strongly recommended for Shopify app users:


It is an application that is used for generating customer content, increasing traffic to the business and to increase reviews and conversations. Through this app, Shopify users are capable of receiving authentic reviews from customers, easily distribute customer reviews on social media platform in order to obtain more traffic, enhance the Search Engine Optimization of the company websites with certain tools that increase organic traffic and the general performance of paid-up advertisements, and lastly, to solidify customer base, instill loyalty and engage them directly with certain customer-retention tools that make them have that desire to keep coming back to the online store.

Product Upsell

This app enables Shopify users to increase the amount of last-minute impulse sales through customized Upsell offers, offers additional relevant products to customers on the basis of the amount of contents or the value of the products on their carts, and to promote various items on the basis of their value. In addition, the app can also be paired or interfaced with several other similar apps such as BOGO Buy One Get One, Product Discount app and indeed, more besides! It works by giving Shopify users the ability to offer a product at the check-out point, based on the volume of customer’s shopping cart.


It is a comprehensive app that enables Shopify users to engage with, and convert visitors by use of Onsite and Mobile Promotions. It also helps users to accomplish a plethora of marketing tasks in the convenience of just one app. These include: increasing sales volume through a combination of powerful behavior-based targeted promotions, target shoppers at the point-of-exit, capture prospective clients via e-mail, amplifying the brands and connecting with social networks, optimizing the Search Engine Optimization, undertaking mobile-specific promotions and conducting behavioral profiling. It incorporates a variety of features in its product suites such as Pop-up, Exit Offer, Gated, Form, and Sweepstake.


It is an app that is offered free-of-charge and is used to make a connection between the Shopify store and the MailChimp account. Customers are automatically added to the address list and a variety of marketing procedures are undertaken such as e-mail campaigns and promotions based on the buying behavior of customers and automating promotions with workflows. In order to get started, Shopify users ought to sign up for a MailChimp Account on the portal: , create a list (one for each store) and finally, install the MailChimp app to the Shopify store.


It is a powerful interactive app that gives Shopify users the capability of talking to their customers in a timely manner, offering sales support initiatives, solving customer queries, concerns and problems, building relationships with customers, tracking the behaviors of visitors and enhancing the appearance and the functionality of business websites. It also does have a chatting device through which live interactions can be achieved with customers. It also connects to other apps such as Salesforce, Salesforce Desk, Bigcommerce, WordPress, and Magento and thus greatly improves the versatility of the application.


It is christened “Your Online Store on Facebook” since it primarily enables Shopify users to import their entire catalog into their Facebook account. In addition, it does contain tools for promoting the app, as well as detailed analytics on its performance, promotions and campaigns and integration with the check-out system. It is supported by several other platforms such as Magento, Magento go, Amazon Webstore and Presta Shop as well as thousands of other stores and millions of fans. This implies that it is highly versatile and grants its users the ability to undertake several other tasks with minimal inconveniences.

SEO Meta Manager

It is a “customer magnet” which improves a store’s visibility on search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo. For that reason, the visits to the user’s web pages are greatly increased, which leads to more customers and more goods sold, and which subsequently leads to more sales revenue. It costs a one-time fee of just $50. To get started, potential users ought to log on to the site: and click, install now button that is located to the bottom-right hand side of the page.


It is a marketing analytics app that is designed for use across several platforms such as web traffic, social media, customer data and sales metrics to track the behavior of customers and social media dynamics. It offers unlimited tracking to users, unlimited number of accounts, and unlimited collaboration with like-minded team members which leads to less stress levels, less meetings and enhanced decision-making. Its tools of trade include: Social media, Commerce, Website, Ads, E-mail, Bitcoin and Health respectively, through which users can navigate and undertake just about anything pertaining to consumer analysis.


It is an app that is specifically designed for use on cell phones and tablets. It offers complete mobile shopping experiences for customers, it is designed for use on touch screens which greatly enhances its interactivity, enables users to browse, call and search at the same time, has a very high resolution which enhances its visibility, has beautiful designs and is intricately designed to boost its functionality and is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems. It comes in five versions namely: Basic, Professional, Business, Business Plus and Enterprise respectively.


It is an app that integrates e-Commerce e.g. Bigcommerce with Accounting. Through the app, Shopify users are capable of integrating their accounts with accounting software tools such as QuickBooks Online, and Xero. It has a plethora of benefits such as saving of time and money due to automated accounting, easy scheduling of tasks and events, easy reminders, the maintenance of the integrity and accuracy of data, and faster generation of financial reports. It is a brand that is trusted by well over 1,200 online stores world over.

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