What to do next after the Shopify App installation?

Alright, I have successfully completed the FraudLabs Pro App installation on the Shopify platform. What should I do next? Well, basically you could choose to do ‘nothing’ at all, as the App is already protecting your e-commerce store from payment fraud. Having said that, there are a few items you may check if you wish to further optimize your fraud checking process. Before we explain further on the additional items for optimization, let’s brief you on what you would be expected from the default installation.

In the default installation, FraudLabs Pro will automatically set up 5 basic validation rules for you. Each rule will be assigned with either REVIEW or REJECT trigger action. And, these actions are going to tell the Shopify platform on how to handle and update the respective Shopify Order status. Below are the 5 default validation rules:

  • Manual review the order if the calculated fraud score is greater than 70.
  • Manual review the order if the billing country is not equal to shipping country.
  • Manual review the order if the visitor’s IP was found to be using anonymous proxy for browsing.
  • Reject the order if the email address was found in the email address blacklist.
  • Reject the order if the visitor IP address was found in the IP address blacklist.

The above are the recommended rules that we believe it could help most of the merchants to detect and stop the fraudulent orders. However, you may update the rules based on your business needs. To do so, you just need to login to the merchant area using the login button at the App Dashboard, and then heading to the Rules page.

In addition, we would also recommend that you read the below articles to understand how the validation rule works, and how they will affect Shopify order statuses.

In a nutshell, FraudLabs Pro will validate the order for fraud traits and will then return a fraud score (the higher the number, the higher the fraud risk). In addition to the fraud score, FraudLabs Pro will also run through the validation rules in sequence to check if the order match the validation rules. If yes, the respective action, REVIEWREJECT or APPROVE, will be executed. If the order survives the rules triggering, it will be returned as an approved order.

Below are several items that you may consider to further optimize the checking process.

Stop the payment process for fraud order.

In the default installation, regardless of whether the order was approved, rejected or pending for review, FraudLabs Pro will not stop the payment gateway from capturing the payment. You only can choose to either refund or void the associated payment if later on our system mark them as suspicous order. This might get complicated if you are offering digital download whereby you want to refrain the user from immediate access if the order was flagged for your review. The good news is, this concern can be easily solved by using the FraudLabs Pro auto capture feature. You may read the below tutorial to learn more.

Revisit the validation rules

Without a doubt, every business will be having their own requirements, needs and operating procedures. For example, multiple purchases from the same person within a week are considered valid for certain businesses, but a similar purchase behavior could be a red flag for others who don’t expect repeat orders within a short time frame. This is just one of the reasons why you should revisit the validation rules and to reconfigure the rules that suit to your business. If you need more validation rules, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan at https://www.fraudlabspro.com/pricing.

Configure the notification

It’s important for you to check the notification settings, so that you won’t miss any important events sent by FraudLabs Pro. You can configure the notification at the settings page in the merchant area. You can either login to the merchant area at https://www.fraudlabspro.com/merchant/login or via the dashboard on FraudLabs App to view the settings. On the settings page, you can decide on

  • what type of notification you want to receive. For example, approve, review or reject alert.
  • what channel to receive the notification, email or Slack.
  • who are the intended recipients.


Although there are still other items you could further optimize in FraudLabs Pro, but we believe by performing the above checklist, it should be sufficient for most cases. Anyway, we will still recommend that you check out our resources page for further information and guidelines. And, please do not hesitate to contact us at https://www.fraudlabspro.com/contact if you couldn’t find your answer from our website.

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