Will FraudLabs Pro screens Shopify POS order?

No, FraudLabs Pro will not screen the sales order coming from Shopify POS. It is because FraudLabs Pro specializes in validating the CNP (Card Not Present) transactions, i.e. online payment, whereby the credit card was not presented physically to the merchant while making the purchase. For Shopify POS, the buyers have to present their credit card in front of the merchant to complete the transaction, and therefore it will not get validated by FraudLabs Pro since the buyer’s authenticity can be verified right on the spot.

What if I have both the Shopify POS and website set up for my business under the same account? No problem at all, FraudLabs Pro will automatically detect if the order is coming from the POS or the website using the source_name variable and process them accordingly. Technically, if it’s a POS order, the source_name will be assigned with pos value, and if that happens, the order will not undergo fraud validation and will not be recorded into the FraudLabs Pro system.


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