Fraud Prevention
What is FraudLabs Pro?

FraudLabs Pro provides fraud prevention solution to protect the online businesses from payment frauds (also known as CNP frauds). It helps merchants to minimize their chargebacks or fraud losses. It also helps to increase the revenues by letting the legitimate buyers to smoothly complete the transactions while blocking the malicious fraudsters. Furthermore, merchants can easily view and learn the valuable information from the fraud report for each transaction, which could have been a complicated process without using fraud detection tool.

Why FraudLabs Pro?

FraudLabs Pro performs a comprehensive fraud validation on all elements such as geolocation, proxy, email, credit card, transaction velocity and others to unveil fraud orders accurately. Besides, the system enable users to customize and automate the validation rules for better fraud protection based on their business needs. Moreover, FraudLabs Pro has recorded millions of blacklist records contributed by the global merchant network. And, this valuable fraud data has proven to be effectively to minimize your chargeback before it happens to you.

How to get started?

We do not have a trial version, but we offer you an absolutely FREE package to start protecting your online business from payment fraud. And, it's absolutely free, no credit card required for the sign up. What are you waiting for? You are just one step away to minimize your chargeback and maximize your revenue for free.

Protect your business from chargeback fraud

FraudLabs Pro's intelligent machine learning approach helps detect and block e-commerce fraud for any type of business

Reduce Chargeback

The fraud detection engine will comprehensively inspect and validate your order from every aspects that it can find. Together with the blacklist data from our global merchant network, we can help you to accurately detect a fraud order and therefore reduce your chargeback losses.


Increase Sales

Heavily cut down on your order reviewing task. You can now put your focus on how to drive more traffics to your online store and boost your sales. Leave the fraud protection hassle to our sophisticated fraud detection engine.

Fraud Validation Rule

You can rely on fraud score for your decision making. Moreover, you can also customize fraud validation rule to meet your business needs. For example, you can flag an order that having different shipping and billing address for review. You have the flexibility.


Fraud Detection REST API

You would like to tailor make the fraud prevention solution for your own business. No problem! We have REST API ready for your integration. Sample codes in various programming languages also have been provided.

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FraudLabs Pro has more than 22 ready plugin/extension/add-on for the major e-commerce platforms.

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Simple Steps to Start Using The Fraud Detection Solution

You can get the fraud protection set up within minutes!

Sign Up for an Account

We offer you free Micro Plan with 500 validations per month. No hidden cost and no credit card required during the sign up. It's absolutely free!

Install the Plugin

Download and install the plugin. We have more than 20 ready plugins supporting for all major & popular e-commerce platforms.

Enable Fraud Protection

Enter the License Key and enable the fraud detection feature in your e-commerce platforms. That's all! The fraud detection service will be running round the clock to protect your online business from payment fraud.

We provide various type of Fraud Prevention Plans for your selection.

Make Your Business More Secure

Let us protect your business with our comprehensive fraud prevention solution.

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    Validation Rules Customization

     Standard Fraud Validation